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The Division of Cultural and international Relationships is responsible for establishing partnerships and agreements with international and local universities and other research and development institutions. Since its establishment by university decree Order No. 439 dated (1/2/2022), the division has implemented (75) agreements and MOUs with local, regional and international higher education (universities) and RD institutions.

Vision of Cultural Relations

Creating scientific and cultural communication with the world to advance the university and put it in a place worthy of it in the ranks of international universities.

Mission of Cultural Relations

Establishing scientific relations with reputable universities to enhance creativity and innovation skills and exchange academic and research experiences to raise the university s scientific and academic efficiency.

Objectives of Cultural Relations

The International and Local Cultural Relations Division Al-Mustaqbal University aims to: 1. Openness to Iraqi, Arab and international universities and creating a kind of scientific and cultural communication with them. 2. Trying to send the largest possible number of master s and phd scholarships, and fellowship students scholarships, fellowships to international universities, especially those that enjoy a privileged position within the international rankings, for the purpose of benefiting from the advanced capabilities in those universities and graduating an efficient cadre that contributes to the development of the university and raising its scientific level. 3. Encouraging teaching staff to paritsipet in international scientific conferences for research and working papers and benefiting from those participations to develop constructive relations with their counterparts in various countries. 4. Benefiting from workshops and courses held in various Iraqi,Arab and foreign universities and in various disciplines,especially scientific ones, to raise the efficiency of the university teaching, techincal,and managerial staf 5. Concluding memorandums of understanding with reputable Iraqi Arab and international universities to facilitate access to study and research opportunities and the transfer of modern technology in various fields. 6. Facilitating admission for students with scholarships fellowship in reputable universities by investing in memorandums of understanding and scientific cooperation concluded between our university and those universities. 7. Encouraging the teaching staff holding the title of assistant professor and professor to sabbatical for a year in reputable international universities and facilitating their admission from those universities. 8. Encouraging PhD holders to continue studying specialization to develop their scientific and research potential. 9. Hosting visiting professors from abroad. 10. Participation in awards, competitions and conferences outside Iraq. 11. Authenticity of issuance and evaluation of certificates. 12. Active participation in global and local meetings and seminars, exchange of books and publications, and access to global technology in the fields of information technology.


The President of AL-Mustaqbal University Receives a Delegation from the Middle Technical University for Discussions on Joint Scientific Cooperation

In alignment with the policy of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to enhance partnerships between public and private universities, the President of AL-Mustaqbal University, Professor Dr. Hassan Shaker Majdi, received a delegation from the Middle Technical University. The delegation included the Dean of the Technical Trainers Preparation Institute, Professor Dr. Salem Hariz Jassam, the Dean of the Technical Institute in Baqubah, Dr. Ghadhnfar Abbas Hussein, and several relevant faculty members. The aim was to open genuine and effective avenues for joint cooperation to develop the scientific and cultural programs of both universities. Dr. Hassan Shaker Majdi emphasized the importance of strengthening the partnership between the two universities, especially since there are many common areas that can be worked on together. Additionally, preparations are underway to hold a scientific engineering conference by forming a working team, setting specific timelines, and prioritizing tasks. The President of AL-Mustaqbal University noted that holding a joint scientific conference repre

AL-Mustaqbal University and Discussions to Activate Joint Cooperation with Al-Mustansiriyah University

A delegation from AL-Mustaqbal University visited Al-Mustansiriyah University to activate the memorandum of understanding previously signed between the two universities. The President of Al-Mustansiriyah University, Professor Dr. Hamid Fadel Al-Tamimi, welcomed the visiting delegation, which included Professor Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairi, Director of Scientific and Academic Supervision, and Dr. Samir Ibrahim Badrawi, Director of Cultural Relations at the Presidency of AL-Mustaqbal University. The delegation provided an overview of AL-Mustaqbal University, the initiatives it has adopted, and the prestigious rankings it has achieved locally and internationally, highlighting the potential areas of cooperation between the two universities. The President of Al-Mustansiriyah University welcomed the delegation and emphasized the importance of activating the agreement between the two universities, especially given the many common areas that can be worked on together through the formation of working teams, setting specific timelines, and prioritizing tasks.

AL-Mustaqbal University Signs Scientific and Academic Cooperation Agreement with Al-Bayan University

A joint scientific and academic cooperation agreement has been signed between AL-Mustaqbal University and Al-Bayan University. The agreement aims to enhance scientific and academic cooperation between the two universities, thereby strengthening the standing of Iraqi universities and improving the scientific and educational landscape in Iraq and in comparison with their counterparts in the region and the world. The agreement includes cooperation in several areas of mutual interest, achieving the shared goals and vision of both universities. This includes the exchange of teaching and research expertise, the organization and hosting of scientific conferences, seminars, and workshops, as well as the activation of academic exchanges for students and researchers. Additionally, the agreement covers collaboration and coordination between the two universities in capacity building and skill development for professors and students, as well as updating curricula to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements occurring globally and to meet the needs of the labor market. The agreement was signed by Professor Haider Al-Imara, President of Al-Bayan University, and Professor Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairi, Director of Academic Supervision and Academic Affairs, representing the President of AL-Mustaqbal University. The signing took place at the headquarters of Al-Bayan University, attended by senior officials from Al-Bayan University, Professor Mohsen Al-Furaiji, consultant at AL-Mustaqbal University, and Dr. Samir Ibrahim Badrawi, Director of Cultural Relations.



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