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Due to the importance of developing women’s leadership at Higher Education, enabling them to participate in the Decision-Making Process, and having effective presence in Committees & Leadership Positions, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research has adopted programs related to Women Empowerment, in cooperation with Iraqi Universities as well as International Organizations, according to which Women Empowerment Department has been established at the Ministry according to the Ministerial Order No. 14 of 2021, being in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution No. 1325. Accordingly, Women Empowerment Units have been created at all Universities and Formations affiliated with the Ministry as per the Ministerial Order No. 479 issued on 7th June 2021.

Vision of Women Empowerment

The Vision has been focusing on Empowering women to become Major Performer in the achievement of Sustainable Development at a Nation that has guarantees all Constitutional Rights of Women, and thus, making them capable of dealing with challenges and enhancing their role in all fields, being fully protected of any discrimination, and having all types of opportunities, economic, social as well as political.

Mission of Women Empowerment

Enabling women to acquire all required skills and knowledge so as to become Effective Community Members and Efficient Leaders who would participate in decision-making, influencing its Strategic Formulation in a way that shall meet what the Nation needs now and later in the future.

Objectives of Women Empowerment

1. Raising Women Leaders Percentage at the Ministry of Higher Education by placing more focus on Women’s Competencies & Achievements. 2. Developing the Scientific Capabilities of Women at Higher Education through the process of facilitating and supporting women s participation at Local and International Conferences 3. Enhancement of Women Participation in the Economic Development by supporting their Entrepreneurial Projects and Technological Incubators 4. Obtaining the support of Local and International Organizations and Community in general to actively participate in the implementation of United Nations Resolutions related to women. 5. Increasing community awareness of women status, their rights, and combating violence against them by organizing more Courses and conducting Research with Specialized Centers 6. Improving Woman s Image in the Media with all Visual, Audio and Print Forms 7. Honoring Creative and Distinguished Iraqi Women in their Fields of Specialization through Creative Awards or producing Documentaries about their Achievements. 8. Supporting Young Female Researchers who come up with Distinguished Research at an early age while doing their Ph.D., for instance, and to be determined by specialized committees. 9. Integrating the Concept of Gender within the Ministry Plans & Programs.




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