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The Department of Business Administration was established under the administrative order issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. C / H 6624 on 22/1/2012 starting from the academic year 2012/2013 for the morning and evening studies, with a capacity of 200 students for the first and second stages, the department accepts junior high school graduates for the scientific, literary and commercial sectors. The curriculum in the business administration departments depends on the curricula applied in the business administration departments of the Iraqi government colleges, as approved by the sectoral committee for business administration departments. The graduated student obtains a bachelor's degree in business administration after completing the four-year study period to be qualified to work in state institutions and the private sector.
Preparing a generation of specialists in the fields of administrative sciences which compatible with the specifications of total quality management in order that achieving excellence and leadership in management knowledge leading to continuous improvement.
The mission of the department is characterized to achieve the following:
  • Achieving excellence and superiority in the fields of university education for administrative sciences.
  • The orientation towards creativeness and innovation in the strategies of teaching and contemporary methods to achieve the enrichment of scientific research movement, especially the general changes in the scientific knowledge environments for the administration's sciences
  • Achieve an effective community partnership to contribute in achieving a sustainable development and supporting the labor market
  • Preparing a qualified graduates with learning and knowledge and improving the use of modern technologies and programs in the business environment
The strategic objectives of the department are representing by achieving the following:
  • Developing courses in the bachelor's degree according to the requirements of the labor market, developments and scientific knowledge
  • Improving the quality of academic programs in the undergraduate studies according to the strategies of contemporary teaching
  • Advancement the academic performance and applied scientific research for faculty members according to quality assurance standards and academic accreditation
  • Providing students of the college with an expertise in the knowledge in the context of total quality management trends
  • Develop an academic environment that stimulates creativity and scientific production
  • Adopting methods to ensure that student research is transformed into productive projects
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