Intelligent Medical Systems Department

Intelligent Medical Systems Department aspires to be highly distinguished at Local and International Levels in the Fields of Health Systems and scientific Research, meanwhile meeting the needs of Government Institutions as wells those of Labor Market, with the aim of improving Health Care Quality, and promoting Medical Digital Software. Moreover, Smart Medical Systems Department offers New Specialization at Iraqi Universities, which links Information Technology with Bioinformatics through the use of Artificial Intelligence Systems & Technologies.
Intelligent Medical Systems Department aims to create Leadership & Excellence through the preparation of Comprehensive Smart Software Solutions that would transform Health Care Delivery via the achievement of Effective Integration between Technology, which includes Informatics as well as Artificial Intelligence and Medical Fields so as to improve Public Health, Medicine, and Patient Well-Being, in addition to increasing the Efficiency of Health Care Providers.
Intelligent Medical Systems Department aims to qualify Highly Skilled Graduates who could integrate Smart Technology with the Field of Health Care in order to support Professionals to come up with appropriate decisions, and thus improving Health Condition of Patients. As a matter of fact, integration of Patient Data with Artificial Intelligence analyses would undoubtedly lead to accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in Smart Health Environment, or what we may call a Smart Hospital.
Intelligent Medical Systems Department aspires to build up Human Capabilities in the following areas:
1. Use of Smart Medical Technologies & Systems that would enable its Graduates to effectively compete at Labor Market.
2. Design of Medical Programs related to Health System
3. Collecting and analyzing Medical Data that would be quite useful in the Field of Scientific Research.
4. Strengthening Cooperation with Interested Sectors whether inside or outside Iraq.
5. Promoting Student’s Personality through permanent process of instilling Moral and Humanitarian Values as well as National Spirit, being trained at the same time to be Leaders committed to Quality and Professional Behavior and capable of solving all types of problems that might arise during work.