Media Department

The Department of Media at Al-Mustaqbal University College was established during the Academic Year 2020 – 2021 as one of the tributes of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research to provide the Iraqi Community with graduates in the field of Journalism.
In its vision, the Media Department endeavors to provide graduates qualified professionally and scientifically, capable of working in the field of journalism after their four-year academic study, accompanied with practical training on the technologies applied in the Media so that they could track the scientific and technical developments.

The MUC Media Department utilizes the most plausible methodology in delivering subjects so as to enable students to efficiently acquire the skills of innovation and creativity that are highly required in the field of Media. The Department Mission can be summarized as follows:
1. Preparing graduates that are scientifically and professionally equipped with the basic skills of journalism, in addition to getting acquainted with the skills of scientific research, being an essential part of Media Studies.
2. Supporting and motivating the academics as well as their students in the processes of conducting research as per modern approaches, and employing them for serving the community.
3. Providing scientific consultancy to community as well as the various institutions with regard to Media.
Through its vision and mission, the Media Department seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1. Training students on the basics of journalistic writing.
2. Training students on practicing the different modes of journalistic arts, such as editing, digital photography, design, management and planning.
3. Introducing students to the morals and standards of journalism.
4. Teaching students how to conduct scientific research in the field of journalism.
5. Training students on computer skills, modern software, communication techniques and information technology.
6. Strengthening and reinforcing students’ culture of all aspects, national, professional, legal as well as ethical so that they could properly serve their community.
7. Enabling students to practice on journalistic work, such as collecting and editing news, designing as well as publishing.