Media Department

The Department of Media was established at Al-Mustaqbal University for the academic year 2020-2021 under the official agreement issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. HA/Q 8533 on 12/15/2020. The department became a tributary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to the Iraqi community with a supply of renewable cards from Graduates of primary university studies specializing in journalism. Furthermore, graduates preparatory studies for the various branches are accepted into the Media Department. Journalists are also allowed to apply if they have had (10) actual years of service in the media and hold a preparatory certificate from vocational education schools (industry, commerce, agriculture, or institutes for teachers or fine arts). Accordingly, the duration of study is four years, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in media. Hence, students are equivalented to get the certificates granted in this specialty by the other governmental universities.
Providing highly qualified and skilled media professionals to suit the local and national labor market. Also, to keep pace with technical and scientific developments in media in order to be able to contribute to building society.
The Department of Media at the College of Arts and Human Sciences / Al-Mustaqbal University seeks to present scientific and academic materials in the best possible ways. In addition, leading to the acquisition of modern scientific and media skills capable of creating creativity and excellence.
The department’s message is summarized as follows: -
Preparing qualified graduates at the scientific and professional level through familiarity with the policies of the journalism profession. Its duties of practicing it in an optimal manner, and familiarity with the skills of scientific research. Additionally, its principles in the field of media studies, which will enable them to be scientific researchers in the future.
Supporting professors and students by motivating them in the field of preparing scientific research in accordance with scientific and modern curricula in order to serve the community.
Providing scientific advices to the society and the institutions regarding to their interest and field.
The Department of Media at the College of Arts and Humanities / AL-Mustaqbal University seeks, through its vision to achieve the following objectives: -
. Training students on the basics of journalistic writing.
Training students on modern methods of practicing the basic journalistic arts (editing, digital photography, design, management and planning).
. Teaching students the ethics and standards of the journalism profession
. Teaching students scientific research skills to enable them to conduct scientific research in the field of journalism.
. Qualifying students in computer skills, modern software, communication techniques and information technology.
. Deepening the students’ culture nationally, professionally, legally and ethically so that the profession of journalism serves society and its issues.
. Enabling students to practice journalistic work (collecting and editing news, design, and press publishing
Providing institutions with media cards equipped with confidence and specialized expertise appropriate for the success of various businesses.
Working to graduate media classes studying in the Department of Media, equipped with media techniques and specialized journalistic expertise to do what is necessary to produce topics in various institutions.
Distinctive provision across the various media arts, and through these goals, they are strengths that the Media Department strives to build on and develop further.