Radiological Techniques Department

The Department of Radiation Techniques at Al-Mustaqbal University was established during the Academic Year 2018-2019. The Department’s program focuses on teaching students on both theoretical as well as practical levels to enable them acquire the necessary skills required for work in the field of radiology techniques and its various applications.
The educational programs are implemented through specific courses, which focus on Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Pathology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Radiographic Anatomy, Physics & Protection of Radiation, Diagnostic Radiography, Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Computer Tomography.
Graduates shall be able to generate and understand radiological images of various types, in addition to being qualified to work with radiologists, nuclear medicine doctors as well as doctors who are specialized in examining tumors and other diseases. Graduates are also qualified to work as medical technicians in the field of Diagnostic Radiology
It is remarkable to not that the Department owns a solid base of lab supplies and specialists in the field of pathological analyses, related directly to the specialization of Radiology and Ultrasound Techniques. These labs include Clinical and General Chemistry Laboratories, Biology as well as Anatomy Labs, and others.
Due to the high need of Health Sector in Babylon to the Major of Radiation & Ultrasound Techniques, Al-Mustaqbal University College has provided the Department with highly qualified academics, holders of PH.D.s and Master’s Degrees, in addition to the latest equipment and infrastructure required for both theoretical and practical education, which are not available in other Public or Private Colleges.
The Department in fact seeks to supply Iraq and the Middle Euphrates Region with graduates capable of serving the community, in addition to leading scientific research.
The duration of the study is four years divided into eight semesters plus two more for practical training during the summer vacation in hospitals and other Government Institutions.
In its Vision, the Department of Radiation Techniques focuses on qualifying students in the field of Radiation Techniques & Medical Imaging, contributing meanwhile in the processes of developing research and participating as well in the creation of a healthy community.
In its Mission, the Department attempts to meet the needs of local market in the various fields of Radiation Techniques & Medical Imaging, taking into consideration the morals of the profession, adherence to achieving safety and assurance quality all together with the provision of research & consultancy services to the local community.
The Department Objectives can be summarized as follows:

1. The Department graduates shall be qualified with knowledge and skills, which enable them to efficiently deal with Radiology & Medical Imaging Devices, in addition to performing radiological examinations of all types.
2. Students shall be trained on how to manage various pathological cases, methods of treatment, and justifying exposure to radiation.
3. Students shall be educated on the respect of professional and administrative morals and adherence to assurance quality.
4. Raising awareness among students with regard to the dangers of exposure to radiation, and how to protect workers as well as patients from these dangers.
5. Developing research and innovation skills of students.
6. Providing appropriate environment with essential requirements so that the faculty members could develop their academic skills and ensure the quality of educational outcomes.
7. Encouraging the faculty members to actively participate in Scientific Research & Academic Studies.
8. Equipped with professional and academic experiences, the faculty members could contribute in solving lots of problems that might face the College and the local community.