Program Description | Radiological Techniques Department

About the Department
Radiology Techniques Department of Al-Mustaqbal University was established during the Academic Year 2018-2019, offering a Bachelor Degree in Radiology. The Department teaches and trains Students scientifically and practically so that they would acquire the Skills they require to successfully engage in Radiology Techniques and their various applications.
It is remarkable to note that the Department Educational programs are carried out through Courses, which include Anatomy & Histology, Physiology, Pathology, Nursing Foundations, Radiographic Anatomy, Radiation Physics and Protection, Diagnostic Radiological Imaging Techniques, Ultrasound, MRI, and Computed Tomography.
Graduates shall have proper knowledge of the various types of Radiation Images, having the qualification to work with Radiologists, Nuclear Doctors and Doctors Specialized in Oncology and other various diseases. Graduates however are empowered to work as Medical Technicians in the Field of Diagnostic Radiology Science at Clinics, Hospitals, and Health Centers.

In its Vision, Radiology Department aims to be highly distinguished in its Outputs, theoretically as well as practically, through the submission of appropriate Knowledge Programs, focusing mainly on Practical Side of Radiology, in addition to transferring all new Technologies that would be on behalf of our community
Radiology Department Objectives can be summarized as follows:
1. Graduates are equipped with Knowledge and Skills that enable them to deal efficiently with Radiation and Medical Imaging Devices, performing Radiation Tests of all kinds.
2. Training Students on how to deal with various cases of illness within the Radiology Department, with the justification of Radiation Exposure
3. Students are equipped with Professional & Managerial Ethics, in addition to Quality Imaging
4. Educating Students about Radiation Exposure Risks, and how workers as well as Patients are protected from these risks
5. Developing students' Educational, Research and Creative Skills
6. Creating an appropriate environment and any necessary possibilities that would enable Faculty Members to increase their capabilities and develop their Academic Skills so as to ensure Educational Outputs Quality
7. Encouraging Faculty Members to have an active role in the Scientific Research and Academic Studies
8. Making use of the Academic and Professional experiences of the Teaching Staff on behalf of the University, in addition to solving some of the problems facing Society in their field of specialization