About University

Al-Mustaqbal University is a Private University established in 2010 in Babylon Province, a well-known historical ancient city, which is located about 100 kilometers to the south of the Capital Baghdad. It has been recognized as per the Iraqi Private Universities Amended Law No. (13) of 1996, and hence accredited by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Currently, it is considered as one of the leading, multidisciplinary University whether in Iraq or in the region, and gaining a worldwide reputation as it has amazingly expanded to include more than 21 Undergraduate Programs, covering different majors in the fields of Sciences as well as Humanities. It is remarkable to note that both quantitative and qualitative aspects have been taken into consideration through the University expansion.
Al-Mustaqbal University resolves to ensure scientific as well as academic excellence, in addition to promoting research quality with the community participation, raising meanwhile quality assurance of education as part of achieving Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.
  1. Qualifying MU graduates and employing contemporary educational technology as per the needs of the labor market.
  2. Encouraging academics and creating suitable environment that could lead to promoting research, in which creativity and innovation can be inspired.
  3. Communication and interaction with the local community is an essential target so as to actively contribute in its development.
  4. Al-Mustaqbal University shall excel in adopting local, regional as well as international criteria in the processes of teaching and learning so as to ensure the quality of education and academic accreditation.
  5. The University adopts a strategic leadership with an administrative and service support system, all working in the spirit of a team.

Strategic Values
  1. Reinforcing the culture of citizenship
  2. Transparency and academic freedom.
  3. Commitment to morals and civilized behavior.
  4. Intellectual tolerance and acceptance of other opinions.

Strategic Objectives
  • Developing students’ scientific knowledge and technical skills as part of the new trends of educational technology.
  • Promoting the performance of faculty members by improving their scientific, educational and professional capabilities.
  • Developing education and maintaining a stimulating academic environment for the process of learning.
  • Constant improvement with the enhancement of quality assurance and applications of academic accreditation in line with the prevailing technology.
  • Finalizing the MUC infrastructure.
  • Interacting and communicating with universities everywhere in the world.
  • Promoting administrative and service systems, that have an active role in supporting education.
  • Training university leaders and human resources, developing their leadership as well as administrative skills and capabilities.

Al-Mustaqbal University is a fully accredited University in Iraq by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Accordingly, to ensure its students a high level of academic standards and institutional performance, the university shall seek accreditation for each academic programs from internationally recognized professional accreditation agencies.