Anesthesia Techniques Department

The Department of Anesthesia was established in 2018 as per the administrative order No. 17778, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 16th October 2018.
The Department aims to graduate professionals in the field of Anesthesia, which constitute an essential part of any medical surgery. Graduates shall be awarded the title of “Anesthesia Technician”. The duration of study is four years in which students shall be taught and trained a total of 176 units.
The Department provides graduates who are qualified to become as distinguished members of Health Care Teams at the different types of hospitals and clinics. The department is committed to graduate trained Anesthesia Technicians, capable for giving aid to anesthesiologists in providing safe and high-quality care to patients under surgery.
The Department’s mission incorporates the following issues:
1. The Department shall be equipped with the latest scientific technology.
2. Encouraging the teaching staff to participate in international scientific conferences.
3. Starting postgraduate studies so as to meet the increasing requirements of society.
The Department’s objectives can be summarized as follows:
1. Graduating professionals in the field of anesthesia.
2. Students shall acquire the ability to treat patients and intervene when necessary.
3. Students shall be open for learning from different situations related to medical surgeries and intensive care.
4. Students shall acquire the skills of preparing medicines as well as finding solutions for different problems in Anesthesia.