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The idea of introducing career development center emerged after the excessive increase in the number of graduates without there being a policy that regulates and addresses this increase. This unit was created on 7/25/2019, and it put dots on the letters by removing obstacles, finding effective solutions, and changing the patterns followed and trends in the search for... A job in the private sector instead of the public sector. The division sets the students and university graduates as its primary goal in terms of training and qualifying them for the labor market and in terms of qualifying them to enter the world of entrepreneurship, as well as developing the capabilities and skills of university students so that they can apply and compete for jobs after graduation through various training and qualification programs during their studies and in addition to creating prospects for cooperation. It works with the public and private sectors with the aim of marketing their projects. It also encourages them and provides the necessary support for them to complete the graduate studies process through international agreements.

Vision of Career Development

Maintaining the horizons of communication with the community and striving with the university presidency to improve study programs to be consistent with the requirements of the local and global labor market, and taking serious steps to qualify graduates through programs prepared for them, including workshops and training courses for them, in coordination with institutions to increase job opportunities in the government and private sectors... in the hope of preparing graduates. Able to contribute to building the country and participating in shaping their future. The Division also takes firm steps towards openness to work and training in the private sector.

Mission of Career Development

In English language (يتم تدقيقه من وحدة الترجمه ) Division message Constant communication with the graduate segment in a way that achieves the creation of meaningful cooperation to serve the university, graduates, society and its institutions and contribute to harmonizing the outcomes of higher education with the requirements of the labor market. Developing partnerships with the local community and its institutions to achieve high levels of field training and working to reduce the unemployment rate among graduates by examining the possibility of employing them.

Objectives of Career Development

Holding courses on how to write a CV, courses on personal interview methods, and courses on the most common English terms used in interviews.  Developing the capabilities and skills of graduates by giving them opportunities to participate in relevant college and local community programs and by holding workshops for them aimed at changing misconceptions in society regarding dependence on and waiting for a job and spreading the culture of leadership among different segments of society.  Holding an annual job fair in which employers, students and graduates are invited, and it includes workshops and lectures that clarify the requirements of employers and the skills available in students and support graduates in a way that ensures they obtain job opportunities consistent with their specializations.  Follow up on graduates who are appointed in companies.  Encouraging students to establish their own projects.  Conducting studies and submitting proposals to develop curricula in a way that suits market requirements.  Holding ongoing courses to teach computers and the English language.  Providing field studies on the required or surplus specializations in a way that helps in matching the outputs with the needs of the labor market.  Preparing a database for graduation projects and providing appropriate opportunities to support and encourage distinctive projects and hold exhibitions to market them.  Communicating with the scientific and cognitive development taking place in the universities of the developed world




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