College of Dentistry

The Department of Dentistry was established in the academic year 2017 by virtue of the administrative order issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, numbered (T/Q/6001) on 27/8/2017.
The Department of Dentistry at Al-Mustaqbal University College is the leading Department in the field of teaching dentistry. It seeks to recognized locally, regionally and at the international level as well. MUC Dentistry Department aims to graduate dentists equipped with excellent skills, and having the ability to professionally communicate and deal with their patients. Moreover, the Department students shall be able to gain the required knowledge so that they could promote scientific research.
MUC Dentistry Department, in its mission, focuses on nurturing people’s health, developing medical, therapeutic, and advisory services in the country, in addition to conducting scientific research and increasing its social contribution in serving community members through constant attempts that specifically aim to improve the health of mouth and teeth.
The objectives of UOMUS Dentistry Department can be summarized as follows:
• Graduating qualified dentists equipped with the skills that enable them to provide the best medical and advisory services.
• The Department, represented by its teaching staff and students, shall have all the necessary requirements to lead academically scientific research in the various fields of dentistry.
• Working on a well-planned program, which aims to improve and nurture oral and dental health of the community members
• Organizing training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences as part of the continuous education strategy, which aims to develop the skills, experiences and knowledge of the teaching staff
as well as their students.
• Seeking to occupy a distinguished position at all levels, local, regional as well as international.