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Al-Mustaqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications focuses on understanding and providing practical solutions in the field of computing. Artificial Intelligence revolves around creating intelligent systems capable of performing tasks autonomously, without the need for human intervention. The center excels in integrating smart applications across various sectors such as healthcare, industry, education, environment, transportation, care for Disables, and the elderly..etc. The center s work is based on algorithms and statistical models that empower machines to learn, think, and make decisions similarly to humans. Artificial Intelligence demonstrates its ability to address a wide range of challenges by recognizing patterns, making predictions, and even solving complex problems. This center diligently keeps pace with the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence through innovation in machine learning and data processing. The center aims to achieve a meaningful impact on our society by applying Artificial Intelligence technology to practical and sustainable solutions.

Vision of Artificial Intelligence

The vision of the Al-Mustaqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications unfolds in establishing a pioneering national research hub, armed with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. We aspire to ignite innovation and entrepreneurship, channeling intellectual and technological prowess toward a future reliant on smart solutions. Our vision is to be leaders in effecting meaningful progress that benefits society, transforming ideas into tangible, applied solutions across various domains through artificial intelligence technology.

Mission of Artificial Intelligence

The mission of the center is to accelerate the development and utilization of artificial intelligence applications and entrepreneurship to address complex challenges, propelling societal progress through cutting-edge research, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. We aim to enhance the use of the latest technologies in artificial intelligence. Our center s mission is to achieve excellence locally, regionally, and globally, establishing itself as a hub for innovation, attracting scientific talents, and fostering a diverse and inclusive research community. We seek to build strategic partnerships and contribute to empowering national industries, government, and individuals through intelligent solutions that boost productivity and enhance decision-making processes, driving sustainable development forward.

Objectives of Artificial Intelligence

The center s primary goals are characterized by a balance of realism and inspiration, striving to achieve a tangible and impactful presence in the field of artificial intelligence technology. Among these goals: 1. Conduct cutting-edge research to distinguish the center as a key hub for the development of artificial intelligence applications. 2. Develop innovative techniques and algorithms to address real and complex challenges faced by society. 3. Create practical and executable applications and solutions across various industries to contribute to the enhancement of daily life. 4. Foster collaboration and mutual interaction among researchers from diverse fields to achieve sustainable progress in artificial intelligence. 5. Direct education and training efforts towards preparing promising talents in the field of artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. 6. Apply and promote principles of sustainable development in our solutions to meet societal and environmental needs. 7. Achieve a positive social impact through the use of artificial intelligence techniques in vital areas such as healthcare and education. 8. Enhance collaboration with the industrial and agricultural sectors to transform research into practical applications and support technology transfer. 9. Integrate ethical concepts and responsibility into the design and development of artificial intelligence systems. 10. Elevate the research landscape in the field of artificial intelligence by contributing to ongoing developments and challenges in this dynamic field.


From Reviewer to Editorial Board: Al-Mustaqbal AI Center Researcher Joins IJISP's Editorial Review Board

The Al-Mustaqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications at Al-Mustaqbal University is delighted to announce that Dr. Abdulkadhem A. Abdulkadhem, a researcher in our research community, has been honored with an appointment to the Editorial Review Board of the "International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP)". This journal, a prestigious publication by IGI Global Publisher, holds a respected position within international research communities, indexed by renowned databases including Scopus and Clarivate. Dr. Abdulkadhem's appointment is a testament to his outstanding dedication and significant contributions to the field of information security. His role as a reviewer has been characterized by his acute analytical skills and his commitment to advancing knowledge through rigorous scientific inquiry. His involvement has consistently elevated the quality of research published in the journal.

Appreciation for the Director of the Al_Mustaqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications at the Conclusion of the "Empowering Generation Alpha" Workshop

At the conclusion of the "Empowering Generation Alpha" workshop, which was held as part of the Al_Mustaqbal Week for Sustainable Development activities on February 20, 2024, the Deputy Minister for Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Haider Abd Dhahed, presented a letter of appreciation to the Director of the AL-Musataqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications, Prof. Dr. Nidal Khudair Abbas Al-Abadi, and to a number of university members, in recognition of their outstanding and sincere efforts in making the workshop a success. The "Empowering Generation Alpha" workshop, which aims to achieve the goals of sustainable development, witnessed broad participation and rich discussions on how to empower future generations through innovation and technology. The workshop, which brought together experts from various disciplines, highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence and its role in accelerating the pace of sustainable development. This honor is in recognition of the vital role played by the AL-Mustaqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications in supporting scientific research and innovation, and in promoting sustainable development in society.

Opening of the AL-Mustaqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications at Al-Mustaqbal University Sponsored by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Research

In a step that reflects the increasing interest in modern technology and its applications, Professor Dr. Haider Abd Dhahed, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Research, inaugurated the Al-Mustaqbal Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications at Al-Mustaqbal University, in the presence of a distinguished group of personalities in the educational and research field. The opening of the center comes as a pioneering initiative aimed at supporting and enhancing scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence and encouraging its use in various sectors. The center, which represents a turning point in scientific research and technology, was designed to provide the necessary support for researchers and students to understand the depths of artificial intelligence and to employ its techniques effectively. Professor Dr. Haider Abd Dhahed praised the crucial role that the Center for Artificial Intelligence Applications plays in advancing scientific research and developing advanced technologies, emphasizing the full support of the Ministry for such initiatives that aim to raise the scientific and technological level in Iraq. During the visit, there was also an opportunity to explore the projects displayed at the artificial intelligence exhibition, which was part of the activities of the Future Week for Sustainable Development, offering a deep look at innovative applications and research projects in this vital field.


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Some of the artificial intelligence projects

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