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Due to the notable increase in the number of the University Graduates (formerly College), the College Deanship then established a Unit specialized in all issues related to Graduates, except those of the Registration. The Unit was established on 1st September 2016, constituted of only three employees. After the College has been transformed into a University, the Unit of Documents & Alumni has been promoted to a Division, and still affiliated to the President Assistant for Scientific Affairs. Now the number of the Division Employees has reached fifteen, with the need to further development as the graduates

Vision of Documents & Alumni

Documents & Alumni Division aims to finalize Graduates’ transactions smoothly and as fast as possible.

Mission of Documents & Alumni

Due to the importance and sensitivity of graduation documents, the Mission of the Division is to complete all its work with utmost precision, not allowing errors, no matter how small, and facilitating routine procedures as much as possible.

Objectives of Documents & Alumni

The main objective of the Division is to develop its performance and transform it completely into Electronic, updating the current programs in cooperation with the Information Technology Unit, Deans of Colleges as well as the University Presidency, and thus, graduates would become quite capable of accessing their data easily and conveniently.




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