College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

The Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences was established during the academic year 2016 – 2017 as per the administrative order No. E / 1 / 3631, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research on 3rd October 2016.
Following the Semester System, students study a curriculum of 42 subjects constituted of 140 units. Graduates shall be qualified to work as teachers or trainers of Sports in all State Institutions, and thus they shall become active members serving their community.
The Department seeks to provide all that is new and useful in the field of physical education and sports sciences, keeping abreast of all developments that take place in this vital field. Students during the four-year study shall acquire the required knowledge and skills, which enable them to perform their duties properly & responsibly.
The Dept. Mission is embodied in a number of aspects. They are as follows:

1. Disseminating sports culture among the community members.

2. Keeping pace with the rapid and progressive developments in the fields of Physical Education & Sports Sciences.

3. Building excellent relationships with all those who need the expertise and staff of the department.

4. Coordinating with the media so that they could play an active role in maintaining and promoting sports activities.

5. Documenting the relationship between the Department staff, students, and their parents.

The Department Objectives can be summarized as follows:

1. Qualifying graduates equipped with the required knowledge and skills in their field so as to actively participate in serving their community.

2. Providing competent graduates who could effectively do their jobs in all State Institutions.

3. Developing the Department Staff through their participation in scientific conferences and specialized courses as well as encouraging them to get involved in the field of studies and research.

4. Cultivating trust and confidence among students, encouraging them to participate in the various activities of sports inside as well as outside the department so that they could reflect their values into acceptable behavioral patterns.

5. Developing students' thinking, and providing a more accurate and clear image of their scientific level.

6. Providing all types of advancement in the field of Physical Education & Sports Sciences and in accordance with the quality standards as well as the academic accreditation adopted by the university.

7. Taking advantage of modern technologies and integrating them as far as possible into the established curricula.

8. Enhancing the values and educational principles of students in order to instill the spirit of citizenship in their souls, raising their respect to laws and regulations in force.