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The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences was established in the academic year 2016-2017, where the approval of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to develop the department according to the Ministry's letter No. / E / 1/3631 dated 3/10/2016.
The department provides students with a curriculum according to the curriculum, which contains (42) subjects and (140) units of study according to the semester system (courses). Where graduates are qualified to work as teachers or trainers of the Games and sports activities in all state institutions. As a result of the inclusion of its planned curricula. (Health Sciences, Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Mathematical Training, Movement Science, Mathematical Psychology, Sports Management). This qualifies graduates to be active in their community.
The Department seeks to provide all that is new and useful in the field of physical education and sports sciences and to keep abreast of all the developments taking place in this vital field. By obtaining the required information through his courses during the four years (eight semesters) and preparing them to ensure their success in their future work and bear the burden of responsibility placed on them.
1- Dissemination of sports culture and awareness raising among members of the community.
2- See what's new and useful in the field of physical education and sports science by keeping pace with the rapid and progressive developments in this vital area.
3- Build excellent relationships with all those who need the expertise and staff of the department.
4- Coordinating with the media to make an active contribution to supporting sports activities.
5- Documenting the relationship between Department staff, students, and their parents.
1- To prepare competent graduates in their field to actively contribute to the service of their country by providing them with information that gives them the ability to succeed in their future work.
2- To prepare the necessary cadres to work in all state institutions to the benefit of all.
3- Developing the staff in the department scientifically through their participation in scientific conferences and specialized courses, and providing studies and researches that increase their potential in their field.
4- instilling trust in the students and directing them to participate in the scientific and sports activities within the department and out and translate these values ​​into acceptable behavioral patterns.
5- Develop students' thinking, and provide a more accurate and clear picture of their scientific level.
6- Provide all that is new and useful in the field of knowledge and in accordance with the quality standards and academic accreditation in the field of university university education.
7- To take advantage of modern technologies and to use the scientific aids and to integrate them into the established curricula and to establish their concepts among students, so that they are ready to adapt to the developments they face in their field of specialization.
8- Enhancing the values ​​and educational principles of the students in order to instill the spirit of citizenship in their souls and raise them to the patriotism and devotion to it and respect the laws and regulations in force and to spread the work and implement them.
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