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The Department of Law was established in Al-mustaqbal university college in 2012 and was recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the book of the supervision and scientific evaluation number C / E 3422 on 6/7/2012, sequentially (3) after the departments of computer engineering, The department has opened its doors to receive students since the beginning of its establishment in the academic year 2011-2012. The Deanship has been keen to provide the requirements of study in the law department in terms of distinguished scientific cadres. The department has attracted a distinguished group of holders of master's and doctorate degrees and various scientific titles, Excellent administrative as the department was keen with the uncle To provide modern textbooks and research resources, to provide students with rest rooms and to create an environment suitable for the development of student activities in its various branches, sports, technical and scientific. The department also coordinated the work with the corresponding government colleges and the teaching process through the use of the expertise of teaching staff in these colleges The department has worked since its inception to extend cooperation with various civil society organizations in order to spread life in the law department and make it an effective department not only at the level of the college but also at the country level.
The department has won a number of awards, thanks and appreciation books and medals in various fields. The work of the department has been successful, with the graduation of two courses that contributed greatly to providing the governorate with competent legal competencies.
The Department seeks to assume a distinguished position among the scientific departments of Al-mustaqbal university college or similar colleges at the local level, working to gain the trust of the community to provide a distinctive environment for teaching, learning, scientific research and community service. Hence the vision of the department was generated by the number of cadres leading the society through its various institutions Legal and armed with all legal and practical legal knowledge, capable of bearing the burden of responsibility and promoting the society and stand firmly against all attempts to violate the law and violate it.
The message of the department is embodied in the following:
1- Prepare a generation capable of different legal legislations and contribute to the service of society by providing students with specialized legal knowledge and skills and competitive research competence in the field of competence.
The department aims to achieve many steps to contribute to the development of the department and then raise the reputation of the college in terms of legal culture:-
1- Providing an educational message in the field of legal science that is more distinguished than it is in public and private universities that meet international quality standards in university education.
2- The department aspires to improve the efficiency of its educational programs and study plans and to differentiate its legal and qualitative research.
3- Preparing graduates with legal competencies with research and professional skills.
4- Develop and direct awareness of legal laws and regulations to meet the needs of society.
5- Take advantage of new technologies at work and make students able to use them and make use of them.
6- Follow the modern teaching methods to communicate the information to the student, including the means of the virtual court, both international and national, as well as the United Nations model and the design of a systematic mechanism for the success of these means.
7- Motivate the students' skills to create an armed generation with all legal skills by activating extracurricular activities for students and preparing all their requirements and organizing carnivals and weeks of legal culture to achieve the above goals.
8- Cultivate the spirit of citizenship in the hearts of the cadre of the department and its students and raise them to the patriotism, dedication, respect for the law and its application and preparation for the dissemination of these concepts.
9- Enable the graduate to develop his / her abilities and abilities in his / her field.
10- Prepare a graduate to practice legal work in various fields, ie as a lawyer, judge or prosecutor, or to work as a civil servant in the state.
11- Preparing a graduate of the department to adapt to the events and developments they face in their field of expertise.
12- Cultivate the leadership spirit of a graduate and develop leadership skills.
13- Educating the graduate on the culture of integrity and fighting administrative and financial corruption and making the latter an enemy of law and make its first and last goal to fight those scourges and strive to maintain public money and maintenance of tampering.
14- Promote the ethical principles and values ​​of the graduate, such as honesty, honesty, loyalty, care and the preservation of professional, professional and other ethical standards.
15- Develop graduate research skills.
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