Medical Physics Department

Medical Physics Department was established in 2017 as per the administrative order No. 5030, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on 24th July 2017. High school graduates of the scientific branches (Biology and Applied), in addition to Industry and Technical institutes' graduates are admitted to the Department according to a success rate determined by the Ministry on annual basis.
The study duration is four years and the language used for teaching is English.
Establishing and developing an integrated department based on outstanding scientific experiments that harmonize with the labor market, and meeting at the same time the requirements of other institutions. In addition, the Department adopts techniques, methods, and approaches that keep up and compete with similar departments in local and international universities based on the directives issued by the Ministry.
The Department mission focuses on three main issues, and they are
• Graduating individuals who are technically skillful and highly qualified in the field of Medical physics;
• Developing the various aspects of medical laboratories; and
• Encouraging its academics to write and publish distinctive and reliable research related to their specialization.
Medical Physics Department aims to qualify and graduate students who are specialized in the field of Medical Physics, capable for providing high-quality Medical Services, such as X-ray, MRI, Radiation, Therapy and other related issues. The Department shall as well contribute to the development of scientific research, opening new horizons in the field of Health Sciences.