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Quality assurance is an essential component in the development of higher education institutions, requiring universities to adhere to both local and international accreditation standards in order to align with education policies and compete in the era of globalization. As a result, quality procedures and implementations are no longer optional but a crucial necessity for sustaining excellence among universities. Graduates of universities are now competing in a global market that demands universities to assess and enhance their outcomes in accordance with global quality standards

Vision of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance

Striving to enhance a culture of continuous improvement in all colleges and departments, enabling the university to obtain institutional and programmatic accreditation from local, regional, and international accrediting bodies .

Mission of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance

Building a comprehensive quality management system according to international standards, utilizing the latest models and practices to ensure quality, performance evaluation, and execution monitoring to achieve the university s goals in education, research, and community service, and support its efforts to obtain local and regional accreditation.

Objectives of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance

• Promoting a culture of comprehensive quality and continuous improvement in all colleges, departments, and academic and administrative units. • Conduct studies, conferences, seminars, and workshops in the field of comprehensive quality management and academic accreditation. • Supporting academic departments to improve the university s local and regional ranking. • Obtaining institutional and programmatic accreditation locally and regionally for educational programs at the university.


Internal Audit Committee at QA Department Visit to College of Dentistry

The Internal Audit Committee from the Quality Assurance (QA) Department at Al-Mustaqbal University conducted its second visit to the College of Dentistry on Saturday, May 5th. During the visit, a meeting was held with representatives from the College of Dentistry. Committee members included four individuals. The purpose of the visit was to verify the accuracy of documentation regarding program accreditation requirements and review files related to the seven criteria submitted by the College of Dentistry for program accreditation.

Al-Mustaqbal University signed a memorandum of scientific and cultural understanding with Mosul University

A delegation from Al-Mustaqbal University, including Mr. Mazhar Sadiq Al-Zuhairi, Director of Academic Supervision and Dr. Riyadh Hamed Salman, Director of Quality Assurance, visited Mosul University. The delegation was received by Mr. Qusay Al-Ahmedi, President of Mosul University, and his scientific assistant, Dr. Munir Salem. During the meeting, discussions were held regarding the possibility of cooperation and coordination in several areas of mutual interest. Afterward, a memorandum of scientific and cultural understanding was signed between the two parties.



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