Signing a memorandum of understanding with the Crystal Center

At Almustaqbal University, a cooperation agreement was concluded between the Crystal Computer Center and the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division, with the aim of developing the skills of students and graduates and within the seventeenth goal of sustainable development. The agreement was signed by a representative of the center and the university, Assistant Lecturer Rosul Sattar Badr. This cooperation aims to develop the skills and expertise of students and graduates, and to build long-term cooperation relationships aimed at developing the scientific level and strengthening cooperation in the technical field.

Signing a memorandum of understanding with Al Masar Company

AL-Mustaqbal University signed a cooperation agreement with Al-Masar Kerosene Company. The agreement was signed on behalf of the university by Assistant Lecturer Russell Starr Badr - Director of the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division. The terms of the agreement lead to Al-Masar Company implementing a training program that includes (15) free training workshops in the field of oil industries. Fourth-level students at the college benefit from the training program, in two groups, the first group includes (20) students, and the second group (20) female students. . Under this agreement, the company will assume responsibility for providing qualified trainers to deliver these workshops, and some trainers from the university will participate in implementing the workshops. This agreement expresses the university’s interest in refining the practical skills of its students.

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