Seventeenth Goal of the Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals can only be achieved with a strong commitment to partnership and cooperation at the international level. And after improving access to technology and knowledge, which is an important way to exchange ideas and promote innovation. The sustainable development goals seek to enhance cooperation between countries by supporting plans to achieve all goals.



17.2.1: Does your university as a body have direct involvement in, or input into, national government or regional non-government organisations SDG policy development - including identifying problems and challenges, developing policies and strategies, modelling likely futures with and without interventions, monitoring and reporting on interventions, and enabling adaptive management?
17.2.2: Does your university as a body initiate and participate in cross-sectoral dialogue about the SDGs, e.g. conferences involving government/NGOs?
17.2.3: Does your university as a body participate in international collaboration on gathering or measuring data for the SDGs?
17.2.4: Does your university as a body, through international collaboration and research, review comparative approaches and develop international best practice on tackling the SDGs?
17.2.5: Does your university as a body collaborate with NGOs to tackle the SDGs through student volunteering programmes, research programmes, or development of educational resources.
17.4.1: Does your university as a body have a commitment to meaningful education around the SDGs across the university, that is relevant and applicable to all students?
17.4.2: Does your university as a body have dedicated courses (full degrees, or electives) that address sustainability and the SDGs?
17.4.3: Does your university as a body have dedicated outreach educational activities for the wider community, which could include alumni, local residents, displaced people?

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