Campus Master Plan

Al-mustaqbal University College is located on one site opposite to Babylon University in Al-Hilla city on an area of 256335 m². The College was established in 2010. It started of with two departments then it grew to include 20 departments this year. These departments include seven departments of human sciences, seven medical departments and six engineering departments. The college includes several facilities such as engineering and medical laboratories, lecture halls, student clubs, libraries, animal sanctuary and car parking areas. More Information

Campus Setting

Almustaqbal University College is located in a rural area with a high rate of forest cover and belongs to the Hillah district which is located in the southern part of Babylon Governorate. Hillah district has a total area of 5116 km² and a total population of 2000000. This means a low population density of 390 inhabitants per km². More Information

Total Campus Building Area

Total area: 0.26 km² (0.10 mi²) = 256335 m² .
Total distance/circumference: 2.18 km (1.35 mi) = 2180 m .

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