water recycling program

1. Water conservation policy: The water conservation policy aims on creating a water neutral campus by the year 2030.

2. Greywater and rainwater are gathered into ponds or earth tanks. Afterwards, the water is pumped into treating stations to obtain potable water. The treated water is then accumulated into tanks then pumped to the college’s water system. Most of the treated water is used to irrigate the green areas that are spread across the college’s area. Flushing basins and fire sprinkler systems use the treated greywater as their main water supply.

3. Medical laboratories require pure water for their daily use. Al-Mustaqbal University College has installed two units for producing pure water from the treated greywater. These units can produce pure water or any required water for medical and drinking purposes.

4. Treated water is used in multiple functions within the campus. It used for cleaning purposes, flush basins, fire sprinkler systems and irrigation.

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