Water Conservation Program Implementation


Water scarcity is a pressing challenge both for urban and rural community in Iraq. However, urban communities are facing increased challenges to their water supply because of drought, high-rise infrastructure, population growth, lack of planning, and other natural and human factors. Climate change is an increasingly challenging prospect to water supply and resources; therefore, Al-Mustaqbal University College (MUC) has set a policy that requires both staff and students to follow in order to achieve the sole purpose of this policy, water conservation. The college views water from three inter-related dimensions of efficient conservation, responsible consumption and restoring and retaining both surface and groundwater.


Water appliances with motion sensing capabilities have been used widely throughout the campus. These appliances have been distributed to all W/C units within the campus. In addition, old buildings that were fitted with traditional

3. Drought Tolerant Vegetation

Al-Mustaqbal University College is expanding constantly. Along with the expanding area, green areas have the lion’s share of this expansion. Reducing the areas of carparks and increasing the green areas within the campus has been the goal. However, increasing green areas require increased amounts of water for its irrigation. Citing the water conservation policy and its implementation, the Engineering Unit has endeavoured on using sprinkler irrigation systems to provide a sufficient irrigation process with the least amount of water. In addition, using drought tolerant plants in these expanding green areas is another factor that reduces the water quantity used in their irrigation. The Date palm tree is a familiar plant which is known for its drought tolerance properties that not only provides a pleasant scene, but it is also a productive and is an ever-green plant.


The engineering Unit is determined on implementing the water conservation policy. Therefore, it conducts regular maintenance campaigns on the buildings’ water pipelines, tanks, and fittings. Constant procedures are being conducted to check for the existence of leeks, major or minor. This procedure is done through regularly checking the meters on each building in which it provides the Engineering Unit with data that enables to isolate the leeks and fix them.


Al-Mustaqbal University College has been a major player in leading water conservation campaigns on and off campus. Signs that encourage water conservation near water fountains and W/C units in all buildings are installed. In addition, numerous campaigns lead by staff members and students addressing the need to reduce water consumption and cleaning water sources were conducted.


A number of recharging wells have been dug throughout the campus. These wells reduced the dependency on the water national grid. Most of the water taken from these wells are used in irrigation activities.

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