Waste Recycling Program

Al-Mustaqbal University College (MUC) has been actively committed to an extensive program for recycling most types of waste generated through the daily processes on campus. This program was designed based on a robust waste treatment policy adopted by MUC. The program was initiated taking in consideration the global environmental crises aiming to reduce the impact on our planet. We can summarise our diverse waste recycling program based on the following key elements:
- We have made long-term contracts/partnerships with external organisations concerned in recycling various kinds of waste such as paper and plastic. We are using a local contractor who deals to implement Single Stream Recycling, enabling the students and faculty to easily determine and know what they can recycle.
- Litter bins have four labelled partitions in all our campus which makes the recycling much easier. Electronic wastes are discharged through a designated container.
- We have agreed with a local company for producing egg boxes so the college can provide the company with the paper (Exams and tests papers) to be converted to egg boxes.
- Organic wastes are transferred to organic fertilizer and are used for the soil of our green spaces/lands.
- Our staff and students have conducted an extensive awareness campaign to spread the knowledge of waste recycling and how this could positively impact our planet. These campaigns were diverse to include posters, brochures, and workshops.

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