Our Sustainabl vision

The achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) represents a vital mission to Al-Mustaqbal University . Al-Mustaqbal University began working towards these goals several years ago by drawing important and necessary plans to achieve these goals by 2030. The college implemented several sustainable projects, including volunteer donation campaigns, afforestation campaigns, research programs and supportive awareness programs for all population groups, with a focus on all seventeen goals.

To organize sustainability projects in the college and develop the necessary programs, the college has established sustainable development unit. The college has also developed financial and food support programs for the needy and poor families, as well as supporting small projects in order to achieve the first and second goals of eradicating poverty and hunger. For the purpose of intensifying work to end the problems of food shortage, the college took the initiative to plant large areas with more than 2,000 productive trees , as well as raising a large number of food-producing animals in order to increase agricultural and animal crops for the purpose of supporting the needy and providing food for the largest number of the poor
The college also conducted large voluntary campaigns to support the health sector with medical devices and supplies for many health centres and hospitals in order to achieve the third goal, good health and well-being. The development of educational programs and the introduction of modern technologies in education is of great importance within the current and future vision of Al-Mustaqbal University, in order to achieve the fourth goal of quality education.
The principle of gender equality is also an important necessity for the college's vision, as the college has given great attention to empowering women and ensuring their equal rights with men The college was also keen to give leadership and administrative roles within the college to women
The college has been keen to achieve the sixth goal of clean water and hygiene through awareness programs on the dangers of water scarcity and pollution . These programs included holding several educational seminars and lectures about water and its cleanliness. In addition, the college has presented a large number of scientific research that specializes in developing the latest technologies for sewage treatment. With regard to clean energy, the college has achieved advanced stages in this context by relying many of its buildings on clean solar energy. In addition to providing many local institutions with electrical devices that run on solar energy.
As for the eighth goal, decent work and economic growth, the college has provided great job opportunities within the college for its graduates and held job fairs annually to achieve this goal. The college also provided a lot of innovations and industrial devices that were developed within the college laboratories in order to achieve the ninth goal of industry and innovation. The college has many projects related to reducing carbon emissions and reducing plastic and other waste in order to achieve the twelfth and thirteenth goals. The college has been holding a lot of partnerships with multiple parties, and these partnerships varied between local, Arab, and international . The college has concluded agreements and partnerships with more than 60 universities around the world for research and development cooperation to achieve sustainable development goals. In addition to holding a student forum to achieve the goals of sustainable development, which received a very wide response. Finally, Al-Mustaqbal University is proceeding with a comprehensive vision in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development by implementing sustainable projects and research programs, as well as adopting techniques to reduce energy consumption and transition to clean energy, reduce freshwater consumption and ensure climate action in order to reach an economic and climatic environment good.

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