Renewable Energy Sources

[EC3] Renewable Energy Sources in Campus

We had the following methods within our plan in order to reduce the energy consumption which they had been summarized;

1. There are a progress in building the smart solar building with 2400 watt solar panel in order to provide electricity for lighting, air condoning split unit and absorption refrigerator.
2. Energy station has 10 solar thermal water heaters, and each one about is 200 kW, to provide hot water for most of the laboratory buildings in winter
3. Al-Mustaqbal University College would install solar heater in the roof of the shopping book center as it would be very helpful in the winter season. Additionally, it will consume a lot of energy which in turn reduce the bills of electricity .

4. The plan in the above-mentioned point had many forward steps. Firstly, Air conditioning and refrigeration techniques engineering department, one of the departments in Al-Mustaqbal University College announced may industrial projects. For example, heating water can be achieved using Solar evacuated tube collector, flat plate solar collector and parabolic solar dish collector. Recently, solar dish collector had been designed with solar trucking system for the purpose of heating water.
5. There is a plan to install roof mounted solar panels on the admiration buildings. Additionally, there is a plan to install solar panels on the main restaurant as indicated in Figure 5. This makes good and nice looking for the building it self in addition to the energy consumption that we get later.
6. However, we recently install solar panels on the roof of the medical buildings as inserted in Figure 5.

Additionally, cleaning of these solar panels had been taken into the consideration. Further, many jobs had been offers due to the installation as research studies on the solar energy
We install Mounted Solar Panels on the main entrance to our college for lighting
7. Additionally, on the green area that our students prefer for their social activities like college day, book day, women day, there is a plan to install solar panels for mobile charging
8. Installation of two horizontal-axis wind generator for lighting purposes. This offer job for our society
9. In Iraqi climate, the HVAC devices utilized a lot of electrical power so, we connect the solar energy technology with the HVAC for two major reasons. The first reason is to supply the energy to drive the systems and the second reason is to reduce the emission as much as possible.

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