Sewage Disposal

Al-Mustaqbal University had its own site treatment plan to recycle grey water and wastewater; it has developed special units capable to reclaim wastewater, separate it on site to waste collection, and trim collection. Sewages are collected in septic tanks attached to the buildings in the university; the reason of using these tanks is to treat the wastewater individually, whereas the College wastewater enters the septic tank through a discharge sewer pipe to the inlet baffle, the solids is separated from the liquid as the sewage flows slowly through the septic tank. Some solids settle to the bottom of the tank and others float in the scum layer at the top. Al-Mustaqbal built its own on-site wastewater treatment based Moving Bed Bio Reactor Techniques (MBBR) with capacity of (450 m2/day). The goal of MBBR was to compensate for some of the issues that characterize other biological wastewater treatment methods, and it did so effectively

- Smaller Footprint
- Utilize whole tank volume for biomass
- No Return Activated Sludge
- Easy Expansion (more media)
- No Media Clogging
- Reliability and Ease of Operation
- High performance removal of nitrogen and organics load

Campus Setting

- Al-Mustaqbal University College is completely treated wastewater, the system includes clarification, filtration and special treatments designed to remove organic impurities of this dipole of water in line with norms and standards of local, national and international before being discharged into the appropriate channels of surface water.

- Al-Mustaqbal University College created a simple design of a small greywater treatment system , which is a series of physical and natural processes including screening, sedimentation, and filtration using granular activated carbon filter and also micro filters followed by collecting tank The performance of this unit in treatment of greywater from washbasins, kitchen sink, bathrooms, and laundry or surface water, this system showed in figures below consist mainly from granular activated carbon with sand media which can be the most proper method to improve greywater for reaching the quality of irrigation and other within the terms of organic matter decrease and other physical impurities

The specification of product water treated by gray water system

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