Climate Change Activities

Impactful university program (s) on Climate change

Climate change is considering one of the biggest problems that affect our environment in addition it reduces the productivity of the persons which make it a threat to the economy of the country. So, if there is no serious solution for the climate change, it may be push 100 million people into the poverty by 2030. So, this challenge motivates our academic staff members of MUC to present solutions. One of these solutions was presented by Asst. Prof. Dr. Qusay Al-Amir by using the exhaust gases of road vehicles and re-use them in cooling purposes which help in reduction of the exhaust gases emission into the environment as they will be re-used them again which satisfy the saving energy. Also, various renewable energy sources which help in reduction of the climate change had been used in lighting, heating water which reduces the load on the electricity gird which built on the conventional energy sources and also reduces the pollution due to the combustion of the gases. For example, Head of Department of HVAC department Asst. Prof. Dr. Azher M. Abed and his research team introduce many solar and wind energy units which play an important role in reduction of the pollution that effect on the climate change. It is worthy to mention here that MUC work on the replacement an old air conditioning split Unit with the ecofriendly air condition split. All of these projects were within the Energy Research Lab that had been built within MUC under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hasan Sh. Majdi, Dean of MUC and Asst. Prof. Dr. Azher M. Abed HOD of HVAC which contains many renewable energy sources. A part of this lab there is a Smart Solar Building which is known as (Smart Internet Lab) to perform experiments especially the solar energy research takes long time within the hot climate conditions in Iraq in the summer season. Also, Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hasan Sh. Majdi, Dean of MUC many green gardens had been introduced due to its important contribution in minimization the carbon dioxide emission and reduces the pollution Additionally, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Department at Al-Mustaqbal University College Organizes Awareness Activities Related to the Effect of Plastic Waste on Environment In addition to many workshops in this part, for example HVAC Department organized workshop on utilizing LPG as an alternative to the conventional fuel which reduces the pollution Al-Mustaqbal University College is the first universities in Iraq to reduce emission and try to reduce the green house and the global worming which they are both affecting on the climate change there are many steps and actions the Mustaqbal university take it to reduce emission and the global warming by reducing the electricity demand and the other sources of the co2 emissions.
- Taking serious steps to transfer the university energy sources from fossil fuel to renewable energy by three steps

* Al-Mustaqbal university started to instal the PV models over the university building depending on the building electrical demand only.
* By 2026 instal about 5 MW of PV models to meet all the University energy demand (Electricity, cooling, and heating) to be the first university in Iraq to be 100% green and zero emissions.
* By 2027 connecting the university local electrical grid with National Grid to export the surplus of electrical power generated by the PV models to it to reduces amounts of the emissions of electricity per kwh
however, the Co2 emission per kwh in Iraq is about 2.5kg
- One of the main sources of emissions is the street lighting system. Mustaqbal University one of the first universities in the world started changed the street lighting and all the outside lighting by using 3 in 1 system which is working by sun solar with zero emissions. This step will complete by the 2024.
- Iraq is one of the hottest countries in the world in the summer seasons and very cold at the winter. for that one of the main energy demands in Iraq generally and the universities especially is the cooling and heating. To reduce the energy for heating and cooling university buildings took some actions, initially using double glass for all the university windows which is reduce about 70% of wasting energy. secondly, using the cooling and heating systems with very high efficiency called (inverter system) which using less than 20% of ordinary system and gives same efficiency. finally, for the internal lighting system using LED lighting sources to reduce amount the electrical losses through it and decrease amount of heating generated by the ordinary lighting sources which need a lot of cooling energy to get rid of it.
- One of the most important is the university working and cooperation with national and international organizations to reduce the emissions and improve the lifestyle of the community by support the people with new technology working with Photovoltaics like (Water filtration and desalination, systems with heating and cooling systems that operate by solar radiation)
- Support the scientist and the researcher to innovate the new technologies working to reduce the greenhouse.
- Establishing a laboratory for renewable energies within the university. Conducting many practical experiments to support researchers and discover real and realistic solutions for society.
- Conducting several awareness campaigns at the university and community level about the importance of planting and caring for trees because of their importance in climate change.

Number of innovative programs in energy and climate change

There are many innovative programs during COVID19 pandemic which they can be summarized in the following major points

Programme No. 1: Education programme
Al-Mustaqbal University College had education material for the undergraduate level giving to our students in the energy conversion and management, renewable energy, environmental affair to raise their awareness foe the global worming and the energy consumption.

Programme No. 2: Schedules workshop and conferences on the energy
Al-Mustaqbal University College prepeare to The First International Conference on The Future Sustainable Energy (ICFSE 2023). For more details

Programme No. 3: Plan to increases the solar panels
This plan will be helpful in reducing the pollution emitted from the conventional plants

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