Energy Efficient Appliances Usage

MUC had many energy efficient appliance usages for example

Using energy efficient appliance help in cost saving, energy saving, energy security, emission reduction and job creation.
Target: MUC usage to be 100% energy efficient appliance by 2025.
Results: in 2021, MUC used 73% of energy efficient appliance.
Results: in 2022, MUC used 84.6% of energy efficient appliance

The major energy efficient appliance in our campus are summarized below;
1. Updated efficiency requirements and expansion of the ENERGY STAR® program could be contribute in reduction of the total residential emissions by 13%.
2. In our campus, Air conditioners with inverter had been used in the lecturing halls due to its impact on saving energy.
3. Ceiling fans are suitable especially in the Iraqi climate which is hot and humid almost all year round. Though they can’t replace air conditioning, ceiling fans can reduce the need for energy-intensive cooling. Invest in them to save energy and, thus, reduce the expenditure.
4. LED light bulbs had been used in our campus. LED lighting produces less waste light and more useful lumens than other lighting technologies. Based upon the available studies, 60% to 70% improvement in overall energy efficiency could be got if the LED lighting had been used.
5. There are future projects to install outdoor lighting powered by solar energy.
6. Using thermal insulation in the new building can give many advantages such as; Personnel protection, sound management, thermal performance, fire protection, condensation control, and personal comfort.
Al- Mustaqbal University College intends to realize further energy savings by paying close attention to energy management. All parts of the organization can assess their own energy consumption and realize their own energy-saving potential by means of, for example, insulation, LED lighting, and the deployment of sustainable technology.

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