Program to Reduce the Use of Paper and Plastic on Campus

1. Al – Mustaqbal University College fully supports paperless system to reduce paper in daily workplace. Recycling paper reduces methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
2. Solutions of reusable paper in back office, e.g. using 2-side of paper, minimize the hard copy as you can print two notes instead of one per side by dividing the paper properly, always recheck your data before print, use online system instead of hard copy.
3. We recently have transformed around 30% of our exams and assessments to digital paperless exams to reduce the use of massive amounts of papers.
4. Recently Al-Mustaqbal University College distributed paper bags in the shops and bookstores of campus to be replacing the plastic bags.
5. Also, to reduce the use of paper Al-Mustaqbal University College is now using the e-archiving system.
6. Al-Mustaqbal University College is always encouraging the usage of the paper bag instead the plastic bags of course if needed.
7. Al-Mustaqbal University College recently brought a new way to reduce the usage of paper by software programs i.e., the hardcopy of the communications between the department and units were replaced by electronic communications to be saved in the headquarter computers and hard disks. Also, the registration of the new students is now an online registration.
8. We have conducted numerous campaigns to raise the awareness of using paper bags instead of plastics. Although that our policy is targeting the attaining of paperless university, we still think that the use of paper bags is much better than the use of plastics.

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