Working with national Ministry of Oil to advance the investment of the burnt Gas in Iraq

A substantial participation was made from Al-Mustaqbal University in the gas investment conference which is organised by the centre of Oil Research and Development / Ministry of Oil in cooperation with Basra Gas Company on Sunday 19/11/2023. The conference has witnessed the attendance of oil sector officials, representatives of local and foreign oil companies, businessmen and private sector investors. The department of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Industries at Al-Mustaqbal University have effectively participated in the conference activities. The following themes were discussed in the conference: Gas Investment Projects in Southern Gas Company Gas Investment in Southern Iraq. Developments in the natural gas industry. Iraqi gas and future plans to activate investment. Basra Gas Company s program to reduce greenhouse emissions. At the end, the conference has concluded that there is a substantial need to promote the vital gas sector in all its joints because it is linked to the government s plans and the desired development. Gas is one of the main sources of income, and the government is working to develop the gas sector and other sectors for the chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer industries, and the development of the electricity sector.

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