LAUNCH OF The Second International Conference on the Future of Sustainable Energy

Under the Guardianship of His Excellency Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, being directly supervised by Prof Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, President of Al-Mustaqbal University, the activities of 2nd International Conference for Future Sustainable Energy were launched on Tuesday 20th February 2024 as part of Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Week Program. It is considerable to note that the Conference has been opened in the presence of Prof Dr. Haidar Abid Dhahad, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Affairs, with a number of General Directors, University Presidents, Assistants and Deans of Colleges, as well as Representatives of Government Ministries. At the start of the Conference, a Welcome Speech has been delivered by Assist Prof Dr. Azher Mohsen Abid, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, in which he has submitted a Summary of the Researches participating in the Conference that have amounted to 42 Scientific Papers of Researchers representing Iraqi as well as Foreign Universities. We should note however that the Conference has been attended by Experts and Consultants specialized in the Field of Energy coming from different Countries, including Malaysia, Australia, Finland, Sultanate of Oman, and China. The First Opening Session has been launched with a Speech delivered by Prof Dr. Talal Yousif, an Expert in the Field of Renewable Energies, followed by Prof Dr. Steve Hill who is an Expert in the Field of Mining and Technological Innovations, being a Member of the Australian Institute of Modifications and Minerals, and serving as the Global Regional Representative for Sustainable Resource Universities. After that, a Speech has been delivered by Dr. Nick Boone, who has got a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and being in charge of establishing and developing Academic Institutions as well as Administrative and Educational Departments. In general, the Conference has been focusing on "Climate Changes & Global Challenges". In addition to the most appropriate means to be adopted for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, with the problems facing Iraq and how to reduce the phenomenon of global warming, keeping in mind the impact of Greenhouse Gases and Environmental Pollution. At the conclusion of the Session, the Speakers have been honored with Certificates and Shields of Appreciation by Assist Prof Dr. Azher M. Abid, Dean of Engineering College, who has sincerely expressed his thanks and appreciation for the qualitative lectures that have been delivered in the Field of Sustainability.

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