Deputy Minister for Scientific affairs at Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is launching “AI-Mustaqbal center for energy research” at AI-Mustaqbal university.

On the occasion of “AI-Mustaqbal sustainability week”; held between (17-22) Fe. 2024, Deputy Minister for Scientific affairs at Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; Prof. Dr. Haider Abd Dahed, has launched the new established “AI-Mustaqbal center for energy research” in the university. His excellency, the deputy minister spoke of the importance of this center in promoting scientific research and developing modern technologies in the field of renewable energies. He expressed that the ministry is fully supporting this and all such initiatives that improve and leverage the level of education and research in Iraq. The University President, Prof. Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy, explained that the center will contribute to enhance innovation and intellectual property in research and studies, disseminate scientific knowledge and expertise in the field of renewable energies, and provide scientific support to educational institutions, as well as to the industrial sector. Besides, this center seeks to nationalize and develop energy technologies adapted to Iraqi environment and resources, raises energy efficiency, rationalize its use, and best managing the sector to serve sustainable development in Iraq. The launching of “AI-Mustaqbal center for energy research” comes within the framework of ongoing international efforts in the field of renewable energy sector, as a pioneering initiative, locally and globally to achieve scientific excellence in terms of quality research in this challenging field, as it is related to achieve sustainable development goals, as far as energy is concerned.

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