MUC Council Convenes its Fifth Session on 20th December 2021 Date: 20/12/2021 | Views: 252

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The Dean of Al-Mustaqbal University College, Professor Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi has chaired the fifth session of the College Council, attended by the Deputy Deans, Heads of Departments, and representatives of Establishment Board, Academics as well as the representative of students. Several issues have been raised for discussion and appropriate resolutions have been taken. These issues and resolutions are as detailed below:
1. Forwarding a “Letter of Appreciation & Thanks” to the “MUC Green Matrix Team” for the outstanding results they have achieved, as Al-Mustaqbal University College has occupied the “First Place” among Private Universities & Colleges, the Second in Iraq, and globally ranked 156.
2. Reviewing the most important accomplishments achieved by the College during 2021. These achievements have included

a. Occupying the First Rank in the International Rankings: RUR, Green Matrix, SCIMAGO, Web Matrix, Time Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings, and Research Publication in Scopus.
b. Developing and promoting buildings, consultancy clinics, medical and engineering equipment, specialized laboratories, E-Learning and Information Technology as essential steps highly required for shifting towards a Smart University
3. Discussing all necessary preparations for receiving first year students, including all study requirements after completing the registration procedures.
4. Discussing the University Calendar, finalizing the monthly exams with the results, and organizing the schedules for practical and theoretical end-of-semester exams, which start on 30th January 2022.
5. Taking the required procedures against the students who have dropped out or those have submitted postponement requests, emphasizing that the second payment of tuition fees shall start on Saturday 8th January 2022.
At the end of the meeting, the Dean of the College thanked all attendees, wishing them good health and safety.