An Educational Deliberative Visit is organized to the American University in Baghdad Date: 02/05/2024 | Views: 1144

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There is no doubt that Al-Mustaqbal University keeps on strengthening its position as a Leading Educational Institution at Local as well as International Levels, playing an active role in shaping the future of quality education through Strategic Partnerships with Prestigious Educational Institutions Worldwide.
Under the Guardianship of Prof Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, President of Al-Mustaqbal University, an Educational and Deliberative Visit has been organized to the American University in Baghdad, being of great importance in promoting a distinguished educational experience for our students and in realizing our University Vision as a Centre for the Development of Youth Leadership Skills in our Society.
This Visit indeed comes indeed as part of the University Program that aims to establishing Cooperative Relationships and Exchanging Knowledge with other Educational Institutions, as well as promoting a competitive environment that would lead to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Besides, the Visit has been seeking to provide unique learning opportunities for our Students, with which they could reinforce their understanding of Academic Concepts and apply them to Practical Reality.
It is worth noting that a group of Students, being competent in English, representing various Departments and Specializations, have been carefully selected to participate in this visit, and thus gaining good opportunities for learning about the best Academic and Educational Practices at the American University, and activating Cultural and Social interaction with their Peers.
We should note however that the delegation was headed by Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed Rawdhan Salman, Deputy Dean of College of Arts, Director of Continuing Education Centre at the University, in addition to Dr. Ali Karim, and Mrs. Hala Hilal representing English Language Department.
At the American University, the Delegation Members have had a Meeting with Dr. Ziyad Shaaban, Director of Continuing Education Institute, and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Ani, Consultant at the American University, Member of Iraqi Institutional Accreditation Board, as well as Dr. Jouther Al-Wali, Project Manager at the Continuing Education institute, and Dr. Zuhair Attiya, the University President Assistant for Academic Affairs.