Al-Mustaqbal University Organizes a Ceremony on the Occasion of First Anniversary to transform Al-Mustaqbal University College into Al-Mustaqbal University Date: 16/04/2024 | Views: 483

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Under the Guardianship of Prof Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, President of Al-Mustaqbal University, a Ceremony has been organized on the occasion of First Anniversary to transforming Al-Mustaqbal University College into Al-Mustaqbal University, which nowadays does comprise 11 Colleges with 33 Scientific Departments, covering various Specializations, including Medical, Engineering, & Humanitarian. It is remarkable to note that the Transformation Process has been implemented as per the Ministerial Order No. 5139 dated on 16th April 2023 that has been issued by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.
The Ceremony, being attended by the University President, his Assistants, College Deans, as well as the University Academics and Employees, has been launched with the Iraqi National Anthem, and reading Surat Al-Fatiha in honor of the Souls of Iraqi and Palestinian Martyrs. After that, a Speech has been delivered by Assist Prof Dr. Abbas Al-Bawi, President Assistant for Scientific Affairs.
For his part, Prof Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, has thanked all the efforts that have contributed over the years to create Al-Mustaqbal University and to become a Scientific & Cultural Edifice, playing vital roles in the preparation of Specialized Cadres that would effectively participate in building the Renaissance of Modern Iraq. Thus indeed, Al-Mustaqbal University has managed to occupy Advanced Positions among Public and Private Universities, whether at Local or even at Global Levels.
There is no doubt that Al-Mustaqbal University is still achieving more progress at all aspects of Education, occupying the Throne of Advanced Positions among other Iraqi Universities, as it has managed to step ahead towards many Local, Arab and International Rankings, in addition to publishing Scientific Research in Worldwide Journals.
At the end of the Ceremony, the University President has honored the Assistants as well as College Deans and the Academics who have been working at the University for 10 Years with Certificates of Appreciation for their unique and distinguished role in serving the University.
We do wish that all University Personnel should proceed with their unlimited offering, moving ahead in their Scientific and Research Career, and thus we shall serve Our Beloved Country and Our Prestigious University.