Al-Mustaqbal University College Celebrates World Nursing Day Date: 27/11/2022 | Views: 499

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Under the guardianship of Prof. Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, Dean of Al-Mustaqbal University College, and in cooperation with the Expert and Regional Director of Microcyn Clinics Group, Mr. Schwan Siraj from the Netherlands, Department of Nursing at Al-Mustaqbal University College has organized the First Forum for Nursing Sciences under the slogan

“Voice of Modern Scientific Knowledge in Nursing Sciences”
The Forum has addressed Research Papers, incorporating the latest findings in the field of Nursing. A main focus has been on the most prominent outcomes, procedures of application, and how to generalize them on the health situation, whether in Babylon or the other Governorates.
We should note that the Forum has been attended by Mr. Wisam Aslan Al-Jubouri, Governor of Babylon, in addition to Mr. Abbas Al-Jubouri, Head of Nurses Union, Dr. Amin Al-Yasiri, Dean of Nursing College, Dr. Nibras Hadi, Dean of Higher Health Institute, Dr. Murtadha Ghanim Adday, Dean of Nursing College at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa, and Dr. Fatima Wannas, Deputy President for Scientific Affairs of Kufa University.