An Academic at Al-Mustaqbal University College Co-authors a book entitled “Digital Image Processing” Date: 18/09/2022 | Views: 153

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Part of the Scientific Outcomes permanently produced by Al-Mustaqbal University College, and namely the Department of Medical Devices, Dr. Aya Sabah Noori has co-authored a book entitled “Digital Image Processing” with the ISBN 978-93-95468-31-2, being published by the Academic Guru Publishing House. The book deals with digital image processing through the utilization of computer for the purpose of obtaining an enhanced image or extracting specific information.
As a matter of fact, Digital Image Processing is considered a reference that readers could rely on in understanding image processing. Besides, the book includes lots of information about computers and other digital appliances. Authors indeed have been very careful to use easy and uncomplicated language so that it could be understood by all readers.
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