An Academic of Al-Mustaqbal University College Participates in an International Conference Date: 25/12/2022 | Views: 0

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It is considerable to note that Assist. Prof Dr. Marwa Fadhil Al-Saffar of Medical Labs Department has participated as a Scientific Evaluator in “the 2nd International Conference on Computer Engineering & Science”, which has been congregated at the College of Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Najaf Abad, Iran.
We should note however that the Conference, which has been convened virtually and lasting for three days during the period 20 – 23 December 2022 is specialized in providing Advanced Research Support in the field of Engineering & Computer Sciences, in addition to promoting International Relationships among World Institutions.
Finally, we are obliged to state that the Conference Research Papers have been published in two familiar Journals, and they are
o The Journal of Supercomputing; and
o The Journal of Information Systems and Telecommunication (JIST)