A scientific article by the teacher Muhaymen Samir Arif entitled (Dry Eyes) Date: 07/04/2024 | Views: 162

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#Dry_eye is a disease that causes discomfort, and the patient often feels a burning or itching eye in many different situations, such as: at the airport, in a room that has air conditioning, or while sitting at the computer..

Symptoms of dry eyes👁

✅ Feeling a burning sensation with pain and dryness in the eye.
✅Feeling of sand in the eye.
✅ Mucus formation around the eye.
✅ Eye sensitivity to smoke or wind.
✅ Eye redness.
✅Difficulty keeping the eye open.
✅Feeling eye fatigue after reading, even if reading for a short period of time.
✅ Blurred eye.
✅Sensitivity to light.
✅Continuous tears.
✅Double vision.
✅The eyelids stick together when waking up.
✅ Eye pain when wearing contact lenses.

👀 Causes of dry eyes
The eye consists of three layers: fatty oils, watery fluid, and mucus. These compounds help keep the eye moist and clear, and any problem in any layer causes dryness.