Al-Mustaqbal University Organizes an Agricultural Campaign in its Squares & Corridors so as to Enhance Environment & Contribute to Sustainable Development Date: 02/04/2024 | Views: 189

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In implementation to the Directives of Prof Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, President of Al-Mustaqbal University, Department of Scientific Affairs has organized a Tree-Planting Campaign, in which Dr. Tariq Jawad Kadhim, the Department Director, with his Staff has notably participated in this Activity.
It is remarkable to note that the Campaign has included planting many Environment-friendly Trees that are known to be resistant to drought and high temperatures. Accordingly, the Tree-Planting Campaign has been focusing on increasing the Agricultural Land Area, and thus, contributing to reducing Climate Change. These efforts indeed come as part of the general process that aims to developing the Vegetation Cover and achieving Environmental Balance, keeping in mind that Green Spaces do have an effective role in the reduction of Temperatures.