Using Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) In The Context Of Vehicle-To- Infrastructure Communication Date: 03/04/2024 | Views: 88

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Written by Instructor Doctor Rami Qais Malek

• V2I communication capabilities have a huge impact on increasing network reliability, information exchange and network coverage, which improves the quality of services.
• Rode Side Units (RSUs) apply several applications, such as collecting traffic data and accident reports.
• Infrastructures must be optimally installed by finding the best RSUs placement location while minimizing the number of RSUs and reducing unnecessary infrastructures, and it remains challenging. Therefore, to illuminate the specific problems related to RSUs positioning selection, three issues have been illustrated in this research.
• the first issue, several criteria need to be taken into consideration in V2I communication system, specifically regarding the installation of the RSUs. These criteria include RSUs deployment cost, network connection strength and RSUs number and positions (see Figure 1).
• The second issue that needs to be considered is the increasing complexity of the task when different weights are employed. In this regard, the trade-off and conflict among the criteria are reflected in the RSUs positioning selection process. This situation leads to conflicts among attributes in the comparison, which affect the selection process
• Consequently, selecting the most suitable RSUs positioning process from several possible positioning is considered as a complicated multi-attribute decision problem where each RSUs positioning scenario is considered as an alternative for the decision-maker. Thus, a decision-based method can improve decision making to address this problem. In this research, MCDM methods are presented as a solution to address the multi-attribute decision- making process involved in RSUs positioning selection
• To design and develop a real time hardware based RSU position for V2I context.
• To evaluate the performance of the hardware developed in the first objective against multiple RSUs positioning scenarios.
• To propose a decision matrix (DM) based on the intersection of multiple attribute evaluation metrics and multiple scenarios for RSUs positioning.
To select the best RSU positioning using the evaluation matrix in objective and multi criteria decision making (MCDM) technique
Despite the increasing interest in research in the field of V2I communication, there are still limited studies in this area. Studies have shown that more research and development is needed to address these limitations. This work introduced a real-time RSUs positioning framework based on MCDM for optimal RSUs placement. It is aimed to find the best location to install the RSUs based on a set of evaluation attributes (cost, PKL, RIA). Hardware was developed to collect the data, and then a decision matrix was constructed based on a crossover between evaluation attributes and seven RSUs positioning scenarios. The proposed framework was developed based on an integration of AHP-Entropy and group-VIKOR. AHP was used to obtain the weights for each main attributes subjectively depending on seven expert’s opinion then entropy technique was utilized to assign weights for sub-attributes objectively. Subsequently, VIKOR was utilized to rank the scenarios based on experts’ opinions into two decision making contexts. As the results show variances among the experts’ ranking, VIKOR with GDM was used based on Borda voting aggregating methods.

Written by Instructor Doctor Rami
Medical Instrumentation techniques engineering Department

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