Al-Mustaqbal University organizes a central celebration on the occasion of Teacher's Day Date: 03/03/2024 | Views: 175

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Under the slogan “Stand for the teacher and reverence him...the teacher almost became a messenger.” Al-Mustaqbal University held this morning, Sunday, 3/3/2024, a central celebration on the occasion of the most glorious Teacher’s Day, in the presence of the President of the University, the assistants, the deans of the colleges, and the teaching staff.

In his speech, the respected President of the University, Professor Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy, praised the great role of the teacher and his pivotal position in the development of society, and emphasized his importance in building nations and the prosperity of civilizations. Focus on the role of the teacher in developing integrated generations that contribute effectively and influentially to developing cultures and knowledge, and enhancing creativity across various fields.

Dr. Abbas Al-Bawi, Scientific Assistant to the University President, also gave a speech in which he congratulated all faculty members on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day. In his speech, he expressed his gratitude and appreciation to teachers, praising the noble role they play and their sacrifices in serving humanity and raising generations. He also praised the influence of teachers in conveying the message of science and knowledge, highlighting their great contribution to building generations capable of contributing to comprehensive development.

The ceremony included the distribution of prizes on the occasion of Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Week, the first sections in the Iraqi national classification, and the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Division.

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