The problem of defining terrorism in international law Date: 07/08/2022 | Views: 0

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The problem of defining terrorism in international law
DR. Asaad Ghali

It is not yet agreed upon or established a comprehensive definition of terrorism because there is a lot of confusion about this concept with other concepts such as nationalism, and legitimacy, which cannot be included in the list of terrorism. The purpose of this research is to remove the confusion, especially in the international research institutions, conferences, and National criminal laws.
In practical terms, the importance of the definition lies in an attempt, even a small one, to push international efforts toward justice at the internal and international levels by developing consistent and unified strategies to treat and combat these crimes, to eradicate them from their roots.
Most of the literature on the fight against international terrorism indicates that there is no clear and specific definition of this phenomenon or a legal force that is binding on all countries, especially after the chaos that surrounded the international community after the events of 9/11.
And it’s important to bring entire counters for an international conference after the chaos sponsored by the United Nations to provide an acceptable definition of "international terrorism" and to define its elements and the legal obligations of states to combat terrorism and to bring the perpetrators to justice in a manner that constitutes a unified international legal reference to combat this scourge on all And this agreement is seen by many as an entry point for the re-formulation of international relations under the principles of international law and in harmony with his spirit, which would alleviate the tension that is taking place throughout the globe.