biography :

Since the importance of developing women leaders in higher education, participating in the decision-making process, and permanent and effective presence in leadership committees and positions, the Ministry has adopted programs related to women’s empowerment and in cooperation with Iraqi universities and international organizations, where the Women’s Empowerment Department has been created in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research according to the ministerial order numbered ( 14) On 5/1/2021 to follow up on the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution (1325), and a unit for empowering women was created in all universities and formations associated with the ministry according to Ministerial Order No. 479 of 6/7/2021.

Vision :

Empowering women to be key actors in achieving sustainable development in a country that guarantees them all their constitutional rights, makes them capable of dealing with challenges, enhances their role in all fields, achieves full protection, and guarantees them - without any discrimination - economic, social and political opportunities that enable them to upgrade their capabilities to declare the homeland affair.

Message :

Women’s acquisition, skills, knowledge and develop its to be effective and efficient community members and leaders who participate in decision-making and influence its formulation and strategic activation, in a manner that meets the nation’s needs in the current and future stage.

  • 1-Choosing field samples of women in the college for the purpose of identifying their current situation (economic, social, psychological) so that we can build some ideas that will help them to get up in their working life.
  • 2- Conducting comprehensive research to find out the size of the problems that women suffer from and to develop appropriate solutions to them.
  • 3- Cooperating with international and community agencies and organizations in this regard.
  • 4-Organizing family educational seminars to combat violence against women and raising their members’ awareness of the importance of eliminating all types of domestic violence after listening to the experiences of battered women and responding to their needs.
  • 5- Encouraging women teachers, employees and students to:
    • 1- Active participation in building society
    • 2- Increasing leadership capabilities and skills.
    • 3- Active contribution in (cultural activities / social activities) in the college.
    • 4- Active participation in the leadership positions in the college.
    • 5- Contribute to crisis resolution, social interaction and acceptance of challenges.
  • 1- Work to increase the percentage of women leaders in the Ministry of Higher Education by shedding light on women's competencies and their achievements.
  • 2-Developing the scientific capabilities of women in higher education by facilitating and supporting their participation in local and international conferences.
  • 3- Enhancing women's participation in economic development by supporting pioneering projects and technology incubators.
  • 4-Obtaining the support of the international community and local and international organizations to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations resolutions on women.
  • 5-Increasing society's awareness of the status of women and their rights and combating violence by holding more courses and conducting research with specialized centers.
  • 6-Improving the image of women in the media in all its forms, audio-visual and readable.
  • 7-Honoring creative and distinguished Iraqi women in their field of specialization through creative awards or making documentaries about their achievements.
  • 8-Supporting young female researchers who carry out distinguished research at an early age in the PhD stage, according to specialized committees that select distinguished works for the purpose of supporting them.
  • 9-Working to integrate the concept of gender into the Ministry's plans and programs..