The Third Goal Of The Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals are committed to a bold commitment to end epidemics by 2030, and the pursuit of this goal is universal health coverage and the provision of access to medicines. Research and development are an essential part of this goal.

Current Collaborations with Health Institutions

AL-MUSTAQBAL UNIVERSITY collaborates with numerous hospitals and health institutions in the areas of applied studies, summer internships for graduate students, and researches in medical specialties. In addition, AL-MUSTAQBAL UNIVERSITY collaborates with Babylon's medical institutions by hosting doctors and specialists as lecturers for its lectures, workshops, and seminars. AL-MUSTAQBAL UNIVERSITY also sends its students to Babylon's hospitals for volunteer campaigns.
In cooperation with the University of Babylon / Hammurabi College of Medicine and the Babylon Health Department / Dr. Saleh Al-Mukhtar Training Center and in conjunction
with World Tuberculosis Day, the Medical Laboratory Technology Department organized a scientific symposium entitled (For a Tuberculosis-Free Iraq), which included several topics, the most important of which are:

- Definition of tuberculosis, symptoms and clinical diagnostic methods
- Epidemiology of the disease, methods of transmission, and the possibility of avoiding infection
- The most prominent treatments approved internationally by the World Health Organization
- Modern diagnostic methods, the most important of which are accuracy and speed
- Distributing introductory brochures about the disease to attendees and within the college’s corridors
The symposium included several lectures

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Community Outreach Programmes

Al-Mustaqabal University organized Awareness and Donation Campaign to provide Schools in Babylon with First Aid Boxes. It is considerable to note that these boxes have been equipped with all the supplies that might be urgently needed for First Aid Cases.

The students of the College of Nursing organized an awareness campaign regarding secondary non-insulin-dependent diabetes, at Al-Hashimiya General Hospital, the campaign included the risks, complications, and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

• The students of the College of Nursing organized an awareness campaign regarding secondary non-insulin-dependent diabetes, at Al-Hashimiya General Hospital, the campaign included the risks, complications, and treatment of type 2 diabetes. • An awareness campaign was held in the campus and in some elementary schools in the area to increase awareness of diabetes and how to prevent it and reduce its risk. A booklet on diabetes and its tests was printed and distributed to guests, students and other community institutions.

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Sharing Sports Facilities with Local Community

we have shared our sports facilities for several sports events with the participation of the local community such as hosting football and basketball tournaments at Al-Mustaqbal pitches. In addition, many swimming competitions and training have been organized at Al- Mustaqbal University swimming pools.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health-Care Services

the university provides many facilities for pregnant women, including the use of free health facilities and regular check-ups. The university also organizes several seminars on sexual health for both males and females.

Under the gracious sponsorship of the respected presedent of the AL-Mustaqbal University, the Department of Anesthesia Technologies organized an awareness campaign titled "Protecting Pregnant Women from Anemia." The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the increasing risk of anemia that pregnant women face during pregnancy, which negatively impacts the health of both the mother and the child. It also aimed to provide information to pregnant women about visiting certain centers that care for expectant mothers. One of the most common issues faced is anemia, which results from a deficiency of iron in the body. Iron is a key component of hemoglobin, responsible for transporting oxygen to the body's cells and the brain. It is one of the fundamental pillars that enable the body to carry out its vital functions. Exposure to anemia, especially during pregnancy, poses a threat to the health of the expectant mother and the fetus. During pregnancy, the body produces an additional amount of blood, up to 4 liters. Therefore, immediate medical consultation is necessary to inquire about treatment options to avoid symptoms and complications. The risks of iron deficiency extend to the fetus, as it requires significant amounts of iron during its development and needs to store it for up to 6 months after birth.

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Access to Mental Health Support

Due to the stress that a normal person suffers from in normal day life, the University has put a great deal of concern to the mental fitness and health of its staff and students.
Through the University's mental health clinic, it provides therapy, consultancy, and advice to whoever requires any help. The mental health clinic at the University is open from 8:30 AM to 15:00 PM (Saturday – Thursday) of every week. In addition to the clinic, several workshops and campaigns have been focused on the issue of mental health such anxiety, borderline disorders, and PTSD.

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Smoke-Free Policy

Al-Mustaqbal University wants to provide a healthy and safe environment for all employees, clients, volunteers, and visitors.
“Smoking” is defined as the inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying of any lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other lighted smoking equipment. Littering cigarette butts and other smoking-related litter is also prohibited.
This policy applies to all the university employees, clients, contractors, students, volunteers and visitors, at all times which achieved by:

• Bilingual no smoking signs will be posted and visible at every building entrance.
• Non-compliance of this policy will be brought to the attention of the supervisor for further action.

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