In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 4 (Quality Education) Al-Mustaqbal University has participated in the Conference, Exhibition & Forum of European Universities, which has been convened in Istanbul during the period 27th – 29th February 2024, where a Special Presentation has been organized for Al-Mustaqbal University with the Iraqi Flag being raised in International Forums. We should note however that Al-Mustaqbal University Delegation has been headed by Prof Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, the University President. The Opening Activities has started at Qadri Hall in Istanbul with Speeches delivered by the Turkish Ministers of Education and Trade, in addition to Prof Dr. Mustafa Aydin, President of Istanbul Aydin University as well as the President of EURIE Organization of European-Asian Universities, which includes 250 Universities from various Countries. while Al-Mustaqbal University Exhibition has been open attracting the curiosity and interest of Foreign Visitors, has led to signing a number of Cooperation Agreements with Universities from Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, England, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Romania, Italy, Belarus, Russia and others. Meanwhile, Prof Dr. Hassan Shakir Majdi, President of Al-Mustaqbal University with the Delegation of Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education has convened several Meetings with the Board of Academic Accreditation of Turkish Universities, and with the President of the EURIE Organization. These Meetings have been focusing on strengthening Cooperation Mechanisms with Turkish Universities where Bologna Process is fully applied there. Prof Dr. Majdi has pointed out that the Conference indeed has witnessed a number of Scientific Dialogue Workshops in which Educational Technology, Sustainability, and Program Development have widely investigated. Finally, we are obliged to note that our Students will attain good opportunities for Training as well as for Postgraduate Studies at highly Distinguished Universities

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