Conference Time

1-2 March 2023

Call Us

+964 780 158 6849

Paper Submission

Organizers of the conference welcome online submissions written in English language that are closely related to the areas specified in the call for papers.

- Papers submitted are not restricted to but could broadly address the topics as listed in the Topics Of Conference .
- The abstract must have minimum of 150 words and maximum of 300 words and font size must be 10 .
- The abstract should include the research objectives, methodology, and scope of investigation and summary of findings .
- Please take note that only online submissions, thus filling in the Abstract Submission Form, will be accepted and all abstracts sent by email only .
- Submitted abstracts must fit online format that does not register long abstracts and abstracts that include graphics and tables .
- Authors are also advised to proofread their abstracts because abstracts will be reproduced from the online submission. Any error in spelling, grammar or data will appear online or in print .
- Approximately 3-5 key words (words or phrases) suitable for indexing and on-line search purposes should be supplied. Keywords field should contain allthe essential words or phrases of the title and of the abstract .
- Authors of the submitted abstracts for presentation must also make separate registration for the conference by filling in the Registration Form .

Full-texts Submission

Full-text submissions will be accepted within 1 (one) month after the end of the conference and call for papers will be announced accordingly in following months. In addition, full-texts should be submitted to the online submission systems . Submissions to another e-mail address will not be accepted.

Preparation of Poster Presentation

Please make sure that you have prepared the Poster Presentation according to the Template of Poster Presentation below.
(Link for poster template)