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1-2 March 2023

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College Overview

Al-Mustaqbal University College was established in 2010 as a private college recognised by the Iraqi ministry of higher education and scientific research.The college contains 21 scientific departments for multiple disciplines, including engineering, medical, law, management, physical education, and media. Al Mustaqbal University College aspires to become a leader in teaching and learning locally and nationally in the medical, engineering, legal and administrative disciplines, and to be unique in providing academic programs in accordance with international standards of quality, openness to society, advancing scientific research, and adopting innovative ideas that contribute to the development of infrastructure and improvement of functional and academic performance

The college has achieved several important milestones over the past years, including its participation in the most important international rankings such as THE Impact Rankings, UI Green Metric, Scimago and other rankings.


The aim of conference to create a platform for researchers to discuss efficient, coherent, and coordinated ways of developing new and renewable energy resource of the region and providing access to all and to capture the substantial role that clean energy technology plays in addressing many challenges. This conference will build a coherent sustainable network of relationships among budding researchers, innovator, industry professionals and the academics.

Conference Overview

The rapid growth of the innovative sustainable energy resources has generated the necessity to exchange and transfer the recent research, data, and technical information through the globe. Energy represents one of the substantial life needs for all the human beings. Until today, most people have no access to energy which restricts the opportunity to become part of national and global development. Sustainable development Goal as set by the UN general assembly, aims to correct the enormous imbalance by ensuring everyone has access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services by the year 2030.

ICFSE 2023 will take place on 1-2 March 2023 at Al-Mustaqbal University College (MUC), Iraq. MUC has gained several recognitions related to the long-term adoption of innovative and novel research trends relevant to the sustainable and renewable energy though the advanced positions that MUC has achieved in many international world rankings such as THE impact and UI green metric. These achievements have implied more national and international collaborations to reach the edge of sustainable and affordable energy.


To pave the way forward to the sustainable energy transition, improve intersectoral collaboration and connect academia with policymakers. Also, the conference will give the chance to form a joint power for an interconnected goal for a secure and competitive energy future.

ICFSE 2023 Will Include the Following Events

ICFSE 2023 Event

Plenary Talks

Seminars On Scientific Research

Paper And Poster Presentations

Panel Discussion
by Experts

Exhibition By Student / Research Scholars / Industrial Companies In Private Sector

Keynote Speakers

Team Image

Prof. Kamaruzzaman Sopian

National University of malaysia


Team Image

Prof. John M Counsell

H.O.D. Dept of Computer Science

University of Chester

United kingdom

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Conference Topic

- Solar energy .
- wind energy .
- geothermal .
- water energy .
- biomass energy .
- hydrogen energy .
- Energy storage .
- Net-Zero energy building
- Intelligence energy control system
- Carbon neutral
- zero- emissions
- green chemistry
- Energy Storage materials and technology .
- Fuel Conservative Technology .
- Power consumption and PLC techniques .
- Engineering thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer .
- Energy systems and applications .
- Role of energy in sustainable development .
- Water and Energy efficiency .
- Energy and Environmental Impact .

- Investment policies .
- Economics applications .



ICFSE 2023


ICFSE 2023


ICFSE 2023


ICFSE 2023


ICFSE 2023


ICFSE 2023