President Researches

Last Update: 1 Nov 2023

Title Year
Density functional theory investigation of the role of Fe doped in boron carbide nanotube as an electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells 2024
A Comprehensive Review of the Influence of Heat Exchange Tubes on Hydrodynamic, Heat, and Mass Transfer in Bubble and Slurry Bubble Columns 2023
Prediction of speed of sound and specific heat capacity of ionic liquids using predictive SAFT-based equation of state 2023
Fisher–Tropsch Synthesis for Conversion of Methane into Liquid Hydrocarbons through Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Process: A Review 2023
Catalytic-Level Identification of Prepared Pt/HY, Pt-Zn/HY, and Pt-Rh/HY Nanocatalysts on the Reforming Reactions of N-Heptane 2023
A comprehensive laboratory measurement on the thermal characteristics of Ag-CuO-tungsten oxide/water nanofluid in mono, hybrid and ternary cases and presenting a new correlation 2023
Hospital wastewater treatment methods and its impact on human health and environments 2023
membranes Enhanced Antifouling in Flat-Sheet Polyphenylsulfone Membranes Incorporating Graphene Oxide-Tungsten Oxide for Ultrafiltration Applications 2023
Green Synthesis and Characterizations of Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Coherent Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Investigations 2023
Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Membrane for Separation of Soluble Toluene by Pervaporation Process 2023
Green synthesis and characterization of SnO2, CuO, Fe2O3/activated carbon nanocomposites and their application in electrochemical hydrogen storage 2023
The effect of external force and magnetic field on atomic behavior and pool boiling heat transfer of Fe3O4 /ammonia nanofluid: A molecular dynamics simulation 2023
Thermo-economic analysis of the performance of the combined system with evacuated tube collectors 2023
Effect of Rigid Xanthan Gums (RXGs) on Flow and Pressure Drops to Improve Drag Reduction Rates in Horizontal Pipe Flow 2023
membranes Effect of MAX Phase Ti 3 ALC 2 on the Ultrafiltration Membrane Properties and Performance 2023
Schiff-base ligand assisted synthesis of DyVO4/AgBr nanocomposites, characterization, and investigation of photocatalytic activity over organic dye contaminants 2023
Valproic acid drug detection study through the pure and doped zinc oxide nanoclusters in gas and solvent phase: Density functional theory and thermodynamic study 2023
Tailoring the photocatalytic activity of novel magnetically separable ZnFe12O19-chitosan bionanocomposites: A green preparation, structural characterization and comparative study 2023
Experimental and kinetic studies of the advantages of coke accumulation over Beta and Mordenite catalysts according to the pore mouth catalysis hypothesis 2023
Integrating WQI and GIS to assess water quality in Shatt Al-Hillah River, Iraq using physicochemical and heavy metal elements 2023
Recovery of fuel from real waste oily sludge via a new eco-friendly surfactant material used in a digital baffle batch extraction unit 2023
Sustainable H2 Production/Separation by Integration of Solid Oxide Electrolyzer, Biomass Gasifier and H2 Separation Membrane: A Techno-economic/Environmental Evaluation and Multi-Objective Optimization 2023
Hydroisomerisation and Hydrocracking of n-Heptane: Modelling and Optimisation Using a Hybrid Artificial Neural Network–Genetic Algorithm (ANN–GA) 2023
The Impact of Gas-Liquid Dispersed Flow on Heat Exchanger Performance with Improvement Using CuO Nanofluid 2023
Modelling and optimization of combined heat and power system in microgrid based on renewable energy 2023
Utilization of Loaded Cobalt onto MCM-48 Mesoporous Catalyst as a Heterogeneous Reaction in a Fixed Bed Membrane Reactor to Produce Isomerization Product from n-Heptane 2023
Design a promising electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells based on transition metal doped in BN monolayer 2023
Modeling and multi-objective optimization of a solar-boosted gas turbine cycle for green hydrogen production and potable water production 2023
Adsorption of aniline from aqueous solutions onto a nanoporous material adsorbent: isotherms, kinetics, and mass transfer mechanisms 2023
Multi-criteria optimization of a novel process combined with a two-stage geothermal flash cycle using water electrolysis and modified bi-evaporator refrigeration units 2023
Synthesizing and Characterizing a Mesoporous Silica Adsorbent for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture in a Fixed-Bed System 2023
Recent progress in performance improvement strategies for quantum dot sensitization methods: Challenges, achievements, and future prospects 2023
Modification of Acrylic Paint by Acetamide to Be Antibacterial Used for Medical Applications 2023
Design and Simulation of a Biocompatible Prosthesis Ti-15Mo-XTa Alloy: An Analysis of Mechanical Integrity Using Finite Element Modeling 2023
Advancements in Liquid Desiccant Technologies: A Comprehensive Review of Materials, Systems, and Applications 2023
Modeling spinel oxide based-photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants from industrial wastewater 2023
Lube Oil Performance Enhancement Using Nano-Polymers Additives during Copolymerization Reaction 2023
Experimental Investigation and Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation of Hydrodynamics of Liquid–Solid Fluidized Beds 2022
Study of Gas Holdup Distribution in Cylindrical Split Airlift Reactor by Using Gamma-Ray Densitometry (GRD) 2022
Nanomagnetic Salamo-based-Pd (0) Complex: an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for Suzuki–Miyaura and Heck cross-coupling reactions in aqueous medium 2022
Solution combustion synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles for excellent photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue 2022
Role of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)-Derived exosomes in tumor progression and survival 2022
Dietary Dracocephalum kotschyi essential oil improved growth, haematology, immunity and resistance to Aeromonas hydrophila in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 2022
Novel Water-Soluble Poly(terephthalic-co-glycerol-g-fumaric acid) Copolymer Nanoparticles Harnessed as Pore Formers for Polyethersulfone Membrane … 2022
Removal of heavy metals using food industry waste as a cheap adsorbent 2022
Drug delivery and anticancer activity of biosynthesised mesoporous Fe2O3 nanoparticles 2022
Estimation of Thermomechanical Fatigue Lifetime of Ball Grid Solder Joints in Electronic Devices Using a Machine Learning Approach 2022
Gallium and scandium doping effect on the sensing performance of aluminum phosphide nanotubes toward toxic ethylene oxide gas 2022
Prediction of busulfan solubility in supercritical CO2 using tree-based and neural network-based methods 2022
Effect of Electrode Surface Enhancement on the Performance of Microbial Fuel Cell Under Flow Conditions 2022
Groundwater Hydrogeochemical and Quality Appraisal for Agriculture Irrigation in Greenbelt Area, Iraq 2022
Formic Acid Dehydrogenation Using Noble-Metal Nanoheterogeneous Catalysts: Towards Sustainable Hydrogen-Based Energy 2022
Effect of operating parameters on amylase efficiency in a selected Sugar refinery 2022
Investigating the effect of TiO2-based nanofluids in the stability of crude oil flow: parametric analysis and Gaussian process regression modeling 2022
Investigation of Effective Parameters Ce and Zr in the Synthesis of H-ZSM-5 and SAPO-34 on the Production of Light Olefins from Naphtha 2022
Modification of Poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) Membranes with DES-Functionalized Carbon Nanospheres for Removal of Methyl Orange by Membrane Distillation … 2022
Nano and Battery Anode: A Review 2021
A Newly Developed Empirical Predictive Model for the Dispersed Phase (DP) Holdup in Rotating Disc Contactors 2021
Investigation of the Effect of Adding Tantalum on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Biomedical Ti-15Mo Alloy 2021
Simultaneous and consecutive charging and discharging of a PCM-based domestic air heater with metal foam 2021
Cinnamon nanophytosomes embedded electrospun nanofiber: Its effects on microbial quality and shelf-life of shrimp as a novel packaging (vol 21, 100349, 2019) 2021
Comparison between Artificial Neural Network and Rigorous Mathematical Model in Simulation of Industrial Heavy Naphtha Reforming Process 2021
Fabrication of Gum Arabic-Graphene (GGA) Modified Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) Mixed Matrix Membranes: A Systematic Evaluation Study for Ultrafiltration (UF) Applications 2021
Regulatory T cells in bioactive peptides-induced oral tolerance; a two-edged sword related to the risk of chronic diseases: a systematic review 2021
Development of optical biosensor using protein a-conjugated chitosan–gold nanoparticles for diagnosis of cystic echinococcosis 2021
Natural Convection Effect on Solidification Enhancement in a Multi-Tube Latent Heat Storage System: Effect of Tubes’ Arrangement 2021
Degradation of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Synthetic Wastewater by Solar Photocatalysis 2021
Desalination of Agricultural Wastewater by Solar Adsorption System: A Numerical Study. 2021
Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Triple TUBE Latent Heat Storage System Using Circular Fins with Inline and Staggered Arrangements 2021
Experimental and CFD Analysis of Two-Phase Forced Convection Flow in Channels of Various Rib Shapes 2021
The effect of temperature on electrical energy production in double chamber microbial fuel cell using different electrode materials 2021
Experimental characterization of dynamic behavior of single bubble breakage in an agitated tank 2021
Study on oil fouling in a double pipe heat exchanger with mitigation by a surfactant 2020
Effect of Electrode Material and Hydrodynamics on the Produced Current in Double Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells 2020
Comprehensive Review of Natural Convection Heat Transfer in Annulus Complex Enclosures 2020
Effect of impeller geometry on bubble breakage and the contributions of different breakage mechanisms in a stirred tank 2020
Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation of Buoyancy Driven Flow Between Circular Body and Wavy Enclosure Filled with Nanofluid/Porous Medium Computational Fluid Dynamics … 2020
Numerical investigation of natural convection heat transfer in a parallelogramic enclosure having an inner circular cylinder using liquid nanofluid 2019
Oil fouling in double‐pipe heat exchanger under liquid‐liquid dispersion and the influence of copper oxide nanofluid 2019
Using KDF material to improve the performance of multi-layers filters in the reduction of chemical and biological pollutants in surface water treatment 2019
Modeling the Physical Properties of Gamma Alumina Catalyst Carrier Based on an Artificial Neural Network 2019
Comparative study on CAS, UCT, and MBR configurations for nutrient removal from hospital wastewater 2019
Synthesis of nano-alumina powder via recrystallization of ammonium alum 2019
Future Prospects: Shape Memory Features in Shape Memory Polymers and Their Corresponding Composites 2019
Catalytic Growth of 1D ZnO Nanoneedles on Glass Substrates Through Vapor Transport 2019
Enhancement of heat transfer using aluminum oxide nanofluid on smooth and finned surfaces with COMSOL multiphysics simulation in turbulent flow 2019
A Novel Nanocomposite (SR/HA/-nZnO) Material for Medical Application 2019
Síntese de nanopó de alumina via recristalização de alúmen de amônio 2019
Numerical analysis of flow and heat transfer enhancement in a horizontal pipe with P-TT and V-Cut twisted tape 2018
Enabling Techniques for 10 Gbps Long-Haul Transmission in Non-Coherent OCDMA Systems. IEEE 2018
Effect of pH, water percentage and surfactant percentage on stability of water in diesel emulsion 2018
Enabling Techniques for 10 Gbps Long-Haul Transmission in Non-Coherent OCDMA Systems 2018
A High Throughput Architecture for 5G Wireless Backhaul Networks 2018
Enhancement aspects of single stage absorption cooling cycle: A detailed review 2017
Performance evaluation of combined ejector LiBr/H2O absorption cooling cycle 2016
A new optimization approach for shell and tube heat exchangers by using electromagnetism-like algorithm (EM) 2016
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 2016
Performance Evaluation of A Jet Impingement Cooling for A Compact Shell and Tube Evaporator 2015