AL-Mustaqbal University and Discussions to Activate Joint Cooperation with Al-Mustansiriyah University

A delegation from AL-Mustaqbal University visited Al-Mustansiriyah University to activate the memorandum of understanding previously signed between the two universities. The President of Al-Mustansiriyah University, Professor Dr. Hamid Fadel Al-Tamimi, welcomed the visiting delegation, which included Professor Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairi, Director of Scientific and Academic Supervision, and Dr. Samir Ibrahim Badrawi, Director of Cultural Relations at the Presidency of AL-Mustaqbal University. The delegation provided an overview of AL-Mustaqbal University, the initiatives it has adopted, and the prestigious rankings it has achieved locally and internationally, highlighting the potential areas of cooperation between the two universities. The President of Al-Mustansiriyah University welcomed the delegation and emphasized the importance of activating the agreement between the two universities, especially given the many common areas that can be worked on together through the formation of working teams, setting specific timelines, and prioritizing tasks.